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IBM Netezza Data Warehouse Appliances

The Simple Data Warehouse Appliance for Serious Analytics

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The Power of Simplicity

IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances (link resides outside of combine server, storage, and database into high-performance appliances that are purpose-built to make advanced analytics on big data simpler, faster and more accessible.

With simple deployment, out-of-the-box optimization, no tuning and minimal on-going maintenance, IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance have the industry’s fastest time-to-value and lowest total-cost-of-ownership.

What we offer

Data Warehouse Appliance Products

Data Warehouse Appliance Industry Solutions

  • Energy

    Optimize distribution of utilities and energy

  • Federal

    Quickly perform complex, mission-critical analysis

  • Pharmaceutical

    Faster decision-making to accelerate product development

  • Retail

    Better data to track sales, inventory and understand customers

Tour the data warehouse appliance

Learn more about this industry-leading data warehouse appliance.

Competitive Comparison

Competitive Comparison

Better understand the Netezza TwinFin competitive advantages over Oracle's Exadata

In Their Own Words


Watch Nielsen's Greg Goff explain how the analytic power of the Netezza TwinFin has transformed their business

Data Warehouse Appliances

Data Warehouse Appliances

Easily deploy high-performance data analytics across your entire enterprise

Simple is Better

Simple is Better

Bringing simplicity to advanced analytics, IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances help you realize the full potential of your data in previously unthinkable ways, fueling entirely new, game-changing ways of working.

The Data Warehouse Appliance

The Simple Appliance Built for Serious Analytics

Find out how leading companies spend more time getting insight from their data, rather than managing it.

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