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Why IBM for Master Data Management

IBM is a leader in master data management solutions – helping organizations gain a single view of data and meet growth, revenue-generation & cost-reduction goals. Learn more about master data management.

What we offer

MDM for Industries

  • Government (US)

    Create a single view of citizens to improve service, verify benefits and prevent and detect threats and fraud

  • Financial Services (US)

    Increase wallet share, provide better customer service and reduce costs through operational efficiencies

  • Retail (US)

    Understand the full customer relationship and introduce new products quicker

  • Insurance (US)

    Shift your view from policy-centric to customer-centric


IBM Initiate Master Data Service (US)

Assembles a virtual, single view of master data and relationships from across existing systems delivering these views whenever and wherever they are needed.

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server for Product Information Management (US)

Allows companies to author, enrich and manage product and other core information that can be made available for strategic business initiatives.

InfoSphere Traceability Server (US)

Enables enterprises to capture, manage, and share information about where products come from, how they are built, where they are sold

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server (US)

Centrally and physically manages and maintains master data for multiple domains including customer, account, product and others to gain a single record.

IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight Solutions (US)

Helps public sector organizations and commercial enterprises recognize and mitigate the incidence of fraud and threat

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