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IBM Technical Exploration Center.Expose, Explore & Experience.IBM.

You need Smarter Software to build a Smarter Planet

In the era of “smart”, leaders are using the explosion of data to transform their enterprises and institutions through analytics, mobile technology, social business and the cloud. This new era is starting to reshape organizations who are changing how decisions are made, redesigning how their teams work, reassessing how to serve their customers, and changing the very nature of businesses, industries and governments - and the world.

At the heart of this transformation is software that powers today’s systems and processes.
It is the key to making sense of a smarter planet and harnessing its potential.

Come discover Software built to help build a Smarter Planet at the IBM TEC

The IBM TEC is simply the faster and easier way to immerse in Smarter Software that will help you conceive solutions to address your unique challenges as well as build capabilities to transform your organization. Facilitated by technology and domain experts and geared with the latest IBM Software, the TEC creates a dynamic and stimulating environment to:

Start the conversation and move your organization towards being smarter

IBM Software helps clients build the capabilities to transform their industries and the world. What's your vision for your organization? Your industry? Your world?

E-LN03-3 Collaborate in the Cloud E-TV04-2 Run All Your Enterprise Endpoints with Maximum Security, Compliance & Efficiency
E-XB06-2 Accelerate Service Delivery with Effective Collaboration between Development and Operations E-ZS03-1 CICS Goes Mobile
E-IS01-2 Deliver Unmatched Experience and Transform Your Customers into Your Personal Brand Ambassador: A Banking Scenario E-IS02-2 Get Smarter About Every Stage of Commerce - Sourcing, Marketing, Selling and Servicing Your Clients ( Retail Focused )
E-IS03-2 Make Every Interaction Meaningful and Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Customers ( Telco focused ) E-RA01-1 Achieve Predictability & Accuracy in the Application Delivery Lifecycle
E-SS01-1 Web Security for a Smarter Planet: A Holistic Approach to Addressing One of the Biggest Threats to Business E-SS02-1 Manage and Track Privileged Users with Session Recording for Identity Governance
E-TV01-2 Manage Your Growing Data Volume with A Simple, Scalable & Efficient Data Management Solution E-TV02-2 Enterprise Asset Management with hybrid model (SaaS and on-premise)
E-XB02-3 Harness the Business Value of Big Data Analytics E-XB04-3 Reduce Your Financial Risk and Crime Exposure by Detecting and Analyzing Frauds ( Banking and Insurance focused )
E-XB05-2 Next Generation Testing E-XB07-3 Flexibility of a General Purpose System. Elasticity of Cloud. Simplicity of an Appliance - The IBM Expert Integrated System
E-XB08-2 Deliver Customer centric Mobile Applications E-XB09-3 A Cost Effective and Future Ready Infrastructure with An Open & Extensible Cloud Platform
E-ZS01-1 Analytics in A Secure Private Cloud for the Enterprise E-ZS02-1 Enterprise Data Governance on Z
E-BA01-1 Budgeting and Forecasting for Better Business Outcomes E-BA02-1 Informed Decisions at Every Level of the Enterprise
E-LN01-2 Increase Productivity by Going Social E-LN02-1 Tools and Techniques to Enhance the Multi-Channel Digital Experience
E-IM01-2 Reduce Data Management Cost for Your Organisation: Why Oracle DBA Should Care About DB2? E-IM02-2 Managing Data Explosion and Protecting Data Privacy In Your Enterprise
E-TV03-2 Manage the Performance, Availability & Capacity of Your Enterprise Applications with hybrid model (SaaS & on-premise)
E-WS01-1 Streamline Business Processes with Intelligent Decision Automation for Better Business Outcomes
E-WS02-1 The Interconnected Enterprise - SOA & Cloud Application Integration with Software & Appliance Technologies E-WS03-2 Accelerate Business Agility with Expert Integrated System: IBM PureApplication System
E-XB01-1 Transforming Information Into Business Insights: A Banking Scenario E-XB03-1 Serious Analytics with a Simple Appliance
E-XB10-3 Analyze, Detect & Protect Your Enterprise Environment

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Run All Your Enterprise Endpoints with Maximum Security, Compliance & Efficiency 1-2 days
IT Operation Team

How do you manage the thousands of multiple-platform endpoints in your environment? Do you even know how many assets you have? Can you ensure that your servers, workstations and mobile devices have the latest software patches and are secure? How do you distribute new software packages to your endpoints? What if you could manage all of these things from a single console?

IBM Tivoli® Endpoint Manager provides a single console and lightweight agent solution for managing your endpoints. It combines endpoint and security management into a single solution. Using Tivoli Endpoint Manager you can manage physical and virtual endpoints. Assets that you can manage include servers, desktops, notebooks, and specialized devices such as kiosks and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). These assets can be located in virtually any location from a server in the data center to a notebook at a coffee shop. With this unified endpoint management solution, you have a centralized view of your environment and increased control. As threats arise, Tivoli Endpoint Manager provides quick remediation and protection. You can report the health and status of thousands of endpoints in real time. You can automate time-intensive tasks to reduce the risk and support compliance.

IBM® Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices provides a completely integrated approach for managing, securing, and reporting on smartphones and tablets. This provides customers with unprecedented real-time visibility and control over all devices employees use in their daily job functions; reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving compliance.

Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices helps you address the issues of security, complexity and bring your own device (BYOD) policies that challenge support for an increasingly mobile workforce.

At the end of this session, attendees will have an overview of the Tivoli Endpoint Manager solutions, including Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Lifecycle Management, Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance, Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Patch Management, and Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Power Management, Software Usage Analysis and Tivoli EndPoint for Mobile Devices.

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Next Generation Testing 1 day
Quality Management team, Test Analyst, Test Architect, Application Development Team, Development heads, testers.

CIOs today are still understandably cautious in their investments and maniacally focused on tangible business outcomes. Are your investments in testing showing measurable returns?
Are you confident of the quality of applications being delivered? How do you know if you are doing too much/too little testing? Successful organizations today focus on their core business “doing what they do best” while improving organizational efficiency (“let the experts do the rest”) by industrialization of their testing practices. Here’re challenges that have been identified:

1. Lack of accurate & real-time information from disparate IT systems: Siloed systems, increased interdependencies & unidentified risks undermine the ability to predict, plan and achieve - quality, schedule and cost.
2. New & evolving business models: Emerging business models demand for speed, capacity, flexibility & reliability drive the need for multi-modal delivery using mobile, cloud or virtualized environments.
3. Faster time to market through innovation: Stakeholders expect IT organizations to be run like a well-oiled engine, churning out quality applications & services all the time.
This can only be achieved with the right skill sets of IT resources, organizational change management, industry-proven best approach coupled with automation tools that drive continuous improvement.
IBM’s Next Generation Testing provides our clients with creative testing solutions that clearly identify gaps for improved business value, quantify the expected returns, and accelerate results. IBM addresses these challenges by using an approach that gathers and uses information to model and predict outcomes, recommending intelligent actions. Combining IBM Testing Services with comprehensive automation capabilities from IBM Software and leading edge innovation from IBM Research, we help clients drive dramatic reductions in cost and schedule while improving overall quality and lowering risk of their critical business applications.

Join us to explore how IBM can help transform your test & QA organizations.

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Reduce Data Management Cost for Your Organisation: Why Oracle DBA Should Care About DB2? 2 days
Oracle Developer, Oracle DBA, Data Management Architect, IT Manager

Many organizations are looking for ways to break free from high database operation and maintenance costs which can be largely categorized into 3 main areas:

If you are over paying your database vendor or are restricted by their pricing and maintenance policies, it’s time to break free.
If you're an Oracle database administrator or database developer, you know that expanded skills mean expanded professional opportunities.

Come and experience in this proof-of-technology session through presentation and hands-on lab. In this session, participants will learn :

In overall, learn and experience how IBM DB2 can help you lower cost of data, improve ROI and services level.

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Get Smarter About Every Stage of Commerce - Sourcing, Marketing, Selling and Servicing Your Clients ( Retail Focused ) 0.5 day
Sales Planning Professionals, Supply Chain Managers, Store Operations, Marketing Managers, Digital Media Professionals, Customer Service Managers, Product Management, Social Media Experts

In today’s world, consumers have no shortage of options. We live in a truly global and connected world, and can get the products we want from anywhere. As a retailer, this creates tremendous pressure to out-perform the competitors, and keep profitability and growth objective intact, with ever shrinking margins and increasing customer expectations.

Sustainable growth can only be achieved by taking a systemic view through out the value chain, all the way from sourcing, contracts management, procurement, warehousing, distribution, marketing, store operations, online retail, order management, fulfillment and providing service after sales. The leaders in the retail business master the art of smoothening the value chain.

IBM Smarter Commerce solutions address the challenges in the value chain, thus enabling you to provide unmatched experience to your customers. Come and join us at the TEC to explore how IBM Smarter Commerce solutions can be applied to your business, and how you can turn your customers into your ‘brand advocates’.

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Make Every Interaction Meaningful and Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Customers ( Telco focused ) 0.5 day
Marketing Managers, Digital Media Professionals, Customer Service Managers, Product Management, Social Media Experts

Every customer deserves to be treated as special, because every customer behaves differently and has unique needs. The traditional approach of delivering services to the customers by classifying them into broad segments is not working anymore to derive best lifetime value from them. In order to enchant customers by providing them exactly what they need, first step is to have deep understanding of their behavior, and detecting every interaction they initiate. Followed by putting this data into context and then working out best plans and offers to gain customer’s highest wallet share.

Come and join us at the TEC to explore IBM Smarter Commerce solutions for Telco, and gain insight into how other market leaders have turned interactions with the customers into a mutually beneficial and lasting win-win relationship.

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Achieve Predictability & Accuracy in the Application Delivery Lifecycle 1 day
Application Development team, testing  teams

The software delivery tools marketplace today grew organically from point tools aimed at solving specific narrow needs in the software delivery lifecycle. The days of 18 to 24 month software development projects are over, and the timeframe is beginning to look more like 3 months. Teams and organizations who are concerned with all aspects of software delivery had to rely on multiple point-to-point integrations between tools. This has created barriers for teams to collaborate and have made cross-lifecycle processes and cross-tool integrations expensive and complex to manage. IBM Rational Collaborative ALM solutions coordinate development lifecycle activities such as requirements definition, development, build, testing, and project management through improved traceability, automation, and reporting. These integrations are built upon the Jazz Foundation to increase the productivity of software delivery teams.
With IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management solutions, organizations can:
- Depend on ALM solution helping an organization make connections across all the stages of the application’s lifecycle
- Make use of range of management tools which all work together and can be accessed from “Single Interface”.
- Leverage a common project management tool integrated with software development lifecycle tools,
- Improve project predictability by accessing unified reporting at the project and team level.

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Web Security for a Smarter Planet: A Holistic Approach to Addressing One of the Biggest Threats to Business 1 day
Infrastructure Architects, Design and Operations Engineers, Professional Services Engineers, Application Developers, IT Managers, IT Executives

More and more companies are relying on Web-based applications to provide online services to their employees, to support e-commerce sales and to leverage portals, discussion boards and blogs that help staff better communicate with customers, partners and suppliers. However, as the number and complexity of Web applications have grown, so have the associated security risks. With increasing frequency, incidents of Web application breaches resulting in data theft are popping up as front-page news. And such attacks now have more serious consequences than ever before. Join us to hear from IBM expert explain the biggest Web application security and compliance challenges that organizations face today and, more importantly, discuss end to end strategies and solutions to overcome these challenges while lowering costs and reducing the risk of conducting business online.

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Enterprise Asset Management with hybrid model (SaaS and on-premise) 1 day
Facilities and Maintenance Sr Management & Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The industry leading asset management solution, now available as a SaaS offering in addition to the on-premise solution.

IBM Maximo Asset Management unifies comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management on a single platform, providing insight into all of an organization’s enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes to achieve better planning and control. With Maximo you can improve workforce utilization by 10% or more, reduce inventory carrying costs by 20% or more, and reduce capital equipment purchases by 5% or more.

Reduces excess inventory and ensures parts availability for mission critical assets by harnessing the inventory management capabilities of Maximo Asset Management and the analytical power of IBM SPSS. Maximo Inventory Insights combines the ease-of-use of SaaS, the simplicity of a built-in analytics model, and the technological sophistication of predictive technology to automatically optimize inventory across multiple geographies, sites, and storerooms.

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Harness the Business Value of Big Data Analytics 1 day
Line of Business Executives, Division Heads, Business Analysts, Architects, Project Managers, IT Managers.

In today’s competitive marketplace, executive leaders are racing to convert data-driven insights into meaningful results. Successful leaders are infusing analytics throughout their organizations to drive smarter decisions, enable faster actions and optimize outcomes.

Organizations that learn from the industry Leaders and follow recommendations stand to answer the question of how to extract value out of analytics investments. By embracing analytics to drive smarter decisions and positively influence business outcomes, these organizations are well positioned to join the Leaders in outperforming their industry and market peers.

IBM is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate this transformation!

Come and experience in this proof-of-technology session through presentation and demonstration using real banking and telecommunications case studies as examples. In this session, participants will learn:

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Manage the Performance, Availability & Capacity of Your Enterprise Applications with hybrid model (SaaS & on-premise) 1-2 days
IT Senior Management Team

Mission critical applications require end-to-end, integrated performance management to ensure up time and peak performance, which has become increasingly difficult to attain with the growth of composite applications that span across cloud, physical & hybrid environments. This session provides you with the latest SmartCloud Application Performance Management portfolio (SCAPM) designed to support your dynamic IT environments. Learn specifically about the significant cost savings and reduced MTTR enabled by transaction tracking solution, reduction in CAPEX and efficiency gains enabled by virtualization management solution leveraging capacity planning analytics, all of which are well suited for non-cloud, cloud, and hybrid environments.

By 2016, 20% of Global 2000 enterprises will have IT operations analytics architecture in place, up from < 1% today. Companies that implement IT operational analytic approaches in an integrated manner, will reduce IT outage minutes by at least 10% (Gartner). This session will also introduce new capabilities from the SmartCloud Analytics family that will leverage the explosion of IT data for operational benefits such as reduced downtime and lower operational cost.

This session also illustrates how SaaS based SCAPM facilitates the ability to find root cause of a problem, improve application availability and reduce application outages while providing means to adopt SCAPM quickly and keeping the TCO low.

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Reduce Your Financial Risk and Crime Exposure by Detecting and Analyzing Frauds
( Banking and Insurance focused )
0.5 day
Risk Management Professionals, Financial Crime Analysts

Today, fraud losses and fraud costs are at an all-time high – the effect of this problem is further aggravated when economic conditions have put organizations under tremendous pressure to improve the bottom line.

Fraud is often difficult to identify because it is perpetrated across multiple systems and processes. As a result of the ad hoc nature of fraudulent activities, investigations can be difficult and expensive to coordinate and prioritize. In addition, investigative teams often lack visibility across cases and information sources that could help them gain additional insight or evidence. The deluge of available data—including unstructured content such as email, handwritten notes and social media traffic—adds to the challenge. Analyst teams frequently do not have enough time to sift through the mountains of information to discover patterns that may lead to investigative breakthroughs.

IBM Intelligent Investigation Manager, provides a powerful, integrated set of capabilities for managing investigations. It helps teams manage fraud investigations by capturing all relevant details of each case, supporting dynamic collaboration and incorporating forensic/link analysis.

Come and join us at the TEC to explore how IBM Intelligent Investigation Manager solution can be applied to your company, and how it can help to reduce losses and exposure.

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Analytics in A Secure Private Cloud for the Enterprise 0.5 day
 IT Architects,IT Operations, Application Team & LOB Users,

The IBM Smart Analytics Cloud for System z is a solution offering to enable delivery of business intelligence and analytics from a private cloud, securely located behind the corporate firewall. This offering, which is based on a System z foundation , leverages IBM HW, SW and services to offer a complete solution enabled for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. The service benefits from the massive scale, unchallenged virtualization leadership, and trusted qualities for reliability, availability and security that System z is uniquely qualified to deliver.

Join this session to understand how you can form a corporate strategy for BI services and private cloud computing.

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Enterprise Data Governance on Z 1 day
 IT Architects,IT Operations & LOB Users

Safeguarding the privacy of client data is not merely good business; in many cases, it is the law. De-identifying and encrypting confidential data are ways to protect privacy and support compliance with regulations as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and others. Database security and auditing are rapidly growing concerns as well for organizations with mainframes. This session introduces the powerful capabilities of IBM solutions in the area of TEST DATA MANAGEMENT , DATA PRIVACY , DATABASE AUDITING and DATA GROWTH MANAGEMENT. Customers can safeguard vulnerable test environments by standardizing and applying simple data masking techniques or apply prepackaged transformation algorithms for complex data elements, such as credit card numbers, e-mail addresses, and national identifiers.

Join this session to discover how you can lower business risk by approaching audits proactively. Understand more about IBM® InfoSphere Guardium for DB2 , IMS and VSAM on z/OS which captures all database activities on z/OS by privileged users, mainframe-resident applications, and network clients, including those connecting via services such as JDBC or DB2 ConnectTM. To streamline compliance validation, InfoSphere Guardium complements these capabilities with powerful enterprise-wide auditing, reporting and workflow automation.

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CICS Goes Mobile 1 day
IT Architects,IT Administrators, IT Operations, Application Team & LOB Users

With the rapid adoption of mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry, the demand for mobile computing capabilities has grown at an astounding rate. Mobile computing offers business massive opportunities to expand, become more productive and to grow. But tapping into this potential requires preparation to contain development costs. Start off with a good understanding of how IBM® CICS® can help you achieve business goals for mobile.
This workshop is designed for customers who are interested in implementing a mobile and web application platform. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to understand how CICS addresses the mobile and web marketplace. How does CICS help to empower the individual with a smartphone in his pocket? How does CICS make use of new smartphone features, such as GPS, mobile Internet and RFID NFC communications? We’ll show you how the new Liberty Web Container in CICS TS v5.1 is an ideal method for deploying mobile and web applications quickly and easily. We’ll answer many common questions about where and how CICS fits in a mobile and web strategy, including: You will also learn how a powerful set of IBM tools can work together to support capacity planning, application-level analysis, monitoring and alerting, problem determination, and many others when dealing with scaling up to serve the mobile world. The workshop will feature extensive demonstrations of mobile applications deployed into CICS

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Budgeting and Forecasting for Better Business Outcomes 1 day
Finance Managers, Planning/budget Managers, LOB heads, Senior IT managers

Spreadsheets are useful tools in many aspects of business, but they cannot support today’s complicated enterprise planning needs because they:
Companies spend countless hours each year developing the business plans, forecasts, reports and analyses that they depend on to drive strategic decision making and manage performance. It is critical that this information be accurate and timely, but it must also be easy to modify, given today’s tumultuous economy.

Come learn more about IBM planning, budgeting and analytic solutions that help you deliver timely, reliable forecasts and plans. Discover how you can rapidly analyze and model planning requirements for your entire organization and use them to anticipate the correct course of action for better business outcomes. Through presentations and hands-on exercise, this session will show how:

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Informed Decisions at Every Level of the Enterprise 1 day
Business Users, Business Analysts, IT, Data Warehouse Administrators/Developers

Knowing your business, market, customers, and competition is critical for any organization.
Business intelligence connects people with information in an easy-to-use way so they can make better decisions. It helps:

Critical business decisions are made at all levels and yet very often business managers and others below the top executive ranks complain that they often lack access to all the information they need, when they need it, and how they need it. The answer lies in expanded and improved BI solutions that can deliver effective business intelligence not just to the board room, but to the front lines as well. By integrating information, technology, and people, decision-makers at all levels can become performance managers—dedicated to using the metrics, plans, and reports for their functional areas to make firm, fact-based decisions.

This session will show through hands-on experience to:

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Increase Productivity by Going Social 1 days
IT Managers, Application Owners

Do you want to be social in your desktop?
Do you want to be social in your email?
Do you want to be social in your web sites?
Do you want to be social in the taxi?

Realize positive gains in making your business Social. In this session you will look at how to establish your initial Social platform and then integrate it with existing tools and infrastructure. Once you have a Social platform in place, you will learn how to extend that to Social Document Editing and Social Content Management, resulting in significant productivity improvement.

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Tools and Techniques to Enhance the Multi-Channel Digital Experience 1 days
IT Managers, LOB

Customers can be anybody, inside your organisation or outside. They are now more mobile and more social than ever before. They have come to expect personalized and compelling experiences on web properties 24/7 plus new and exciting advanced capabilities seamlessly delivered in the right context. Companies investing in delivering an exceptional customer experience are separating themselves from the competition and seeing increasing positive business outcomes. We'll share the IBM vision of market-leading strategies and capabilities for delivering award-winning customer experiences for spectacular business results, this will include

- Responsive UI's for Mobile, Tablets, Browsers
- Portlet and Widget development tooling
- Web Content Management
- Application Integration Techniques and best practices
- Security and Single Sign On techniques

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Transforming Information Into Business Insights: A Banking Scenario 2 days
LOB Users, Business Analyst, Data Modeler, Datawarehouse Architect

In today’s competitive world, making better decisions faster can make the difference between surviving and thriving. Most decisions currently are made based on information from internal systems, but are challenged with inaccurate and incomplete data, and also timeliness of data. On top of that, customers today are pressured with external factors such as new regulations, high customer expectation and risk management. Unreasonable demands from business users' for quick results force quick fixes to out-dated application adds additional pressure on IT.
All these demands are driving the need for an end-to-end capability to identify and understand trends that reduce risk by accessing and analyzing enterprise data. The ability to provide out of the box industry templates that accelerate the deployment of analytical applications and increase the success of the implementation is critical.

Come and experience this Proof-Of-Technology through presentations and hands-on lab exercises. Using the Banking Industry as an example, the participants will get to learn and experience the following:

Leveraging Data As A Core Asset - An integrated data warehouse solution which covers end to end information management tasks: business requirement gathering, logical data model design, physical model deployment and ETL processes design. All activities are performed with strong governance in place using metadata to manage and track automatically.
Turning Information Into Business Insights - Explore out of box industry data model through use of business analytics (using IBM Banking Industry data model as example) to help accelerate building of business focus key performance indicators (KPI) and insightful business reports. Examples of KPIs or Business Solution Templates (BSTs) are profitability, risk management, relationship marketing, asset liability management, regulatory compliance, investment management and wealth management.

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Serious Analytics with a Simple Appliance 2 days
Data Analyst, Data Base Administrator, ETL Developer, Data Warehouse Specialist/Consultant, Data Warehouse Modeler and IT Architect

Your organization has spent millions of dollars implementing a data warehouse or data mart using the corporate standard database, such as Oracle or Teradata. After all, in-house expertise is available for these databases and volume purchase discounts and site license agreements with the vendors are in place. But despite the considerable expertise, service breaches are occurring frequently, users are dissatisfied with the response they are getting, a backlog of enhancements is mounting and any big ideas your organization has about extending Business Intelligence (BI) has dissipated.

Faced with these problems, you have employed large teams of database administrators to tune the database to make it respond better to complex queries and you have upgraded your system as far as your budget will allow. But all of this is in vain: every step you take just seems to bring you right back to the beginning.

With simple deployment, out-of-the-box optimization, no tuning, minimal on-going maintenance and in-database analytic, the IBM Pure Data For Analytic data warehouse appliance has the industry’s fastest time-to-value and lowest total-cost-of-ownership

Come and experience with IBM Pure Data For Analytic Appliance and IBM SPSS Modeler. Learning exactly how Pure Data For Analytic and its in-database analytic with IBM SPSS Modeler is the purpose of this proof-of-technology session. Through practical hands on exercises participants will understand:

Ultimately, delegates will gauge Pure Data For Analytic’s claimed simplicity capabilities and gain insight into how It can be deployed at their organization

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Analyze, Detect & Protect Your Enterprise Environment 2 days
IT security Team, IT operation managers, IT Compliance/Audit officers

Organizations today are struggling to defend themselves against an onslaught of ever-evolving data breaches, such as theft of customer and employee information, credit card data and corporate intellectual property. To date, many corporations have been unable to create a security defense system because they have cobbled together technologies that don't integrate in an intelligent and automated fashion. This patchwork approach has created loopholes that hackers can exploit.
You need an intelligence platform that can tackles this problem ahead-on by serving as a control center that integrate real-time security intelligence data to include more than 400 different sources including log generated by real time database monitoring tool, hence the entire holistic and single control can be further analyze for prediction and protection.

Come and experience IBM QRadar and InfoSphere Guardium, with the combined technology the audience can experience the following capabilities:

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Managing Data Explosion and Protecting Data Privacy In Your Enterprise 2 days
IT Managers, Database Administrators, Developers

When it comes to data, more isn’t always better. In fact, overgrown databases can impair the performance of your mission-critical ERP, CRM and custom applications – jeopardizing the superior service that you have worked so hard to provide. Not to mention high cost incurred in storage backup and server required for disaster recovery. You also may know a need for archiving, managing, retaining and disposing data according to business and compliance policies but face with great challenge.

In addition to data growth, securing application testing for quality and reliability has never been more important. Yet testing can be time consuming and expensive. How can you speed iterative testing, control costs and ensure test environments are secure?

Come and experience solutions to these challenges through presentation and hands-on lab. In this session, participants will learn

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Collaborate in the Cloud 0.5 days
IT Managers, LOB

Reducing Costs, Expanding Functionality are two key drivers for moving your existing Collaboration tools to the Cloud. Come to this session and learn how other companies are reaping the benefits of Collaboration in the Cloud. We will cover topics such as Cloud Architectures, Expanding Functionality, Incorporating Mobile Access, Managing Users.

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Streamline Business Processes with Intelligent Decision Automation for Better Business Outcomes 2 days
Business Process Designer, Business Analyst, Business Operations Team, Process Automation Team, Business Process Improvement / Change Management Team

Market conditions are changing rapidly and getting more unpredictable with market forces—such as mergers and acquisitions, expanding regulatory requirements, ever changing business policies and consumer’s behavioral shift —can inhibit revenue growth. To survive and thrive, organization needs to improve the ability to not only meet but exceed their customers' expectations, not only react to, but able to sense and respond with right interaction at the right time, while keeping costs under control

Business Process Management with Operational Decision Management is the key to meeting these challenges. Your organization must streamline business processes to become capable of responding rapidly to changing market conditions with intelligent decision automation & process optimization involving people, applications, decision & information

The 2-day workshop will provide participant a quick solution overview of IBM Business Process Manager and IBM Operational Decision Management . The participant will have the opportunity to experience the solution through the hands-on lab exploration. At the end of the workshop, the participant will gain better understanding of the BPM and WODM concepts and be able to create, modify, manage, automate, monitor and govern the processes and decisions in a highly iterative agile development approach.

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The Interconnected Enterprise - SOA & Cloud Application Integration with Software & Appliance Technologies 1-2 days
Application Development Managers, Architects, Developers

Many organizations struggle with developing and realizing an enterprise strategy for their application integration architecture. In this session, IBM will present various technologies, patterns and motivators for transforming your organization into an Interconnected Enterprise. Whether you make this decision with a top down or bottoms up approach, industry analysts state the overwhelming majority of large companies will have more than one middleware and/or integration technology and will need to address the connectivity issues with a systematic approach. WebSphere Connectivity & integration is able and ready to address your integration needs today. It offers fast, flexible, and reliable access to information whether it resides across divisions, across enterprises, or in the cloud. It enables organizations to bridge people, processes, and applications to speed innovation, increase collaboration, and get clients closer to their customers.

This Technology Exploration session focuses not only on SOA ESB technology, but also the emerging trend of cloud application integration. The capabilities and rationale for both software and appliance-based solutions will also be explained and explored in the context of different integration scenarios. Through the presentations, discussions and hands-on labs, you will gain a better understanding of the latest middleware technologies to help your organisation become more interconnected, agile and effective.

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Accelerate Business Agility with Expert Integrated System: IBM PureApplication System 1.5 days
Line of Business Executives, Division Heads, Business Analysts, Architects, Project Managers, IT Managers.

Designing, developing, and deploying a resilient enterprise application often requires expertise to manually architect, install, configure, integrate, optimize, and scale the components of a multi-server deployment.
IBM PureApplication System addresses these issues as an expert integrated system, combining the flexibility of a general purpose system, the simplicity of an appliance, and the elasticity of cloud. With integrated patterns of expertise designed to run Java and database workloads, and support for additional patterns for running other application environments, IBM PureApplication System arrives fully integrated from the IBM factory, architected by IBM experts, and ready to deploy workloads in less than four hours. The integrated expertise and simplified experience of the system fundamentally change the economics of IT.

Join this session to discover how you can help make IT the strategic center of business through:

- Extendibility: Extend existing capabilities to mobile users and transform the business to yield new opportunities. Deliver a range of application development, connectivity and management capabilities that support a wide variety of mobile devices and mobile application types.

- Agility. As you seek to innovate to bring products and services to market faster, you need fast time-to-value. Expertise built into a solution can eliminate manual steps, automate delivery and support innovation.

- Efficiency. To reduce costs and conserve valuable resources, you must get the most out of your systems with energy efficiency, simple management and fast, automated response to problems. With built-in expertise, you can optimize your critical business applications and get the most out of your investments.

- Increased simplicity. You need a less complex environment. Patterns of expertise can help you easily consolidate diverse servers, storage and applications onto an easier-to-manage, integrated system.

- Control. With optimized patterns of expertise, you can accelerate cloud implementations to lower risk by improving security and reducing human error.

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Manage and Track Privileged Users with Session Recording for Identity Governance 1 day
Design and Operations Engineers, Professional Services Engineers, IT Managers, Security Compliance and Governance Professionals

Organizations do not need to leave themselves vulnerable to insider threats. IBM® Security Privileged Identity Manager delivers a single solution for securing, automating and tracking the use of privileged IDs. It is designed to help organizations mitigate the security risks associated with privileged users. Join us to hear from IBM expert on how Security Privileged Identity Manager helps you track and audit the activities of privileged users for effective governance while also reducing the overall number of privileged IDs needed, improving security and efficiency.

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Manage Your Growing Data Volume with A Simple, Scalable & Efficient Data Management Solution 1 day
LOB Managers, Data Storage Team

As organizations of all sizes adapt to embrace clouds, big data and analytics, they face a continual explosion in data growth rates and IT infrastructures need to become smarter and more efficient. The ability to successfully manage data backup and restore has become a competitive necessity.

IT Tools need to present key information in a straightforward and intuitive manner to enable faster response to changing conditions while minimizing the business impact of technical issues. It helps organizations manage and protect their data assets by delivering a single point of control and administration for storage management needs.

In this 1 day session, the participant will learn how to manage more backups, restore with less complexity and better results. How the next-generation fully functional graphical user interface (GUI), provides advanced visualization, built-in analytics and integrated workflow automation features that leapfrog traditional backup user interfaces, making it more accessible to the latest generation of IT administrations.

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Flexibility of a General Purpose System. Elasticity of Cloud. Simplicity of an Appliance - The IBM Expert Integrated System 0.5 day
Line of Business Executives, Division Heads, Business Analysts, Architects, Project Managers, IT Managers.

Organisations have been facing operational challenges and inefficiencies that accompany the current approach to computing where
- High proportion of IT budgets in the least efficient data centers are spent on maintaining existing infrastructure.
- Organisation over-run schedule on project deployments due to IT Operational challenges

It’s now time for IT to embrace an approach that move beyond the procurement, deployment, management and support of individual components and towards a comprehensive, integrated systems with built-in expertise and cloud-ready architectures.
Organizations can achieve the best of all these options in one system : The IBM Expert Integrated System.
The IBM Expert Integrated Systems family simplifies the entire IT lifecycle to reduce time, cost and risk. Combining the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload, these expert integrated systems help simplify your IT infrastructure, deliver new services more rapidly and add capacity cost-effectively.

This session introduce the range of IBM's Expert Integrated System and how organisation can reap the values through bringing an expert integrated systems into their environment to:

- Consolidate : so you can reduce operating costs
- Optimize : so you can focus your resources on business-critical tasks that affect profit
- Innovate : so your organization can become more competitive and responsive to changing business requirements
- Accelerate cloud adoption : so you can quickly deploy new services
- Accelerate analytics : to address data challenges with simplicity, speed and a lower cost

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Accelerate Service Delivery with Effective Collaboration between Development and Operations 1 Day
Application Delivery heads, Application infrastructure teams, Release managers, Program managers, Operations team,

As businesses strive to deliver innovative services more rapidly, they force a conflict between development & operation teams who are concerned with maintaining the stability of their current environment, and managing the infrastructure available for development and test. Today’s business needs are pushing traditional delivery approaches to the breaking point. Often, organizations who have adopted modern development practices experience a bottleneck when deploying applications into test environments. Businesses those are slow to react to dynamic changes, due to development & operation teams working in silos, degrades the quality of delivered applications. CxOs are asking themselves: IBM provides an open, standards-based DevOps platform that supports a continuous innovation, feedback and improvement lifecycle, enabling a business to plan, track, manage, and automate all aspects of continuously delivering business ideas. At the same time, the business is able to manage both existing and new workloads in enterprise-class systems and open the door to innovation with cloud and mobile solutions. The IBM solution provides a continuous feedback loop for all aspects of the delivery process (e.g., customer experience and sentiments, quality metrics, service level agreements, and environment data) and enables continuous testing of ideas and capabilities with end users in a customer facing environment.

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Deliver Customer centric Mobile Applications 1 day
LOB executives, Product Directors, Solution architect, IT managers, test managers, Architects, Business Analysts, System Analysts, Security team members, Quality professionals, Quality Managers, Product managers.

The number of mobile connected devices is expected to surpass the world's population in 2015 & global mobile data traffic will increase 13 folds between 2012 & 2017 alone! But there is much more to mobile technology proliferation than rapidly growing numbers of devices & data traffic. Enterprises engage their customers with mobile devices in a different way compared to desktop users, and mobile applications are big part of how that interaction take place. The ability to quickly design, develop, test & deploy high quality applications is imperative to the success of mobile enterprise initiatives. Another important aspect to consider is how to provide exceptional user experience, identify user struggle & effectively use customer behavior analysis

IBM Multi Channel Development & Delivery Platform is uniquely designed to Design, Develop & Deliver high quality native, hybrid & Web applications improving continuous innovation, providing a feedback loop for continuous learning from Customers. Join us at Delivering Customer Centric Mobile Applications Workshop & learn how IBM solutions can help you to deliver mobile applications for seamless customer experience.

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A Cost Effective and Future Ready Infrastructure with An Open & Extensible Cloud Platform 1 day
CIO, CTO, IT Administrators and directors

Cloud is leading to a new breed of IT system to reduce the complexity of a more and more dynamic environment. Organizations are rapidly adopting Cloud Computing to optimize increasingly dynamic business services, processes & relationships by Standardize to reduce complexity and the cost of IT.

In this session you will learn how Pureflex accelerate the adoption of private clouds with highly integrated expert systems and how cloud service can be delivered dynamically and automatically.

The software integrates provisioning, metering, usage and accounting as well as monitoring and capacity management of cloud services. IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator provides the following features and benefits:

- Standardization and automation of cloud services through a flexible orchestration engine and a self-service portal.
- Reusable workload patterns to enable dynamic cloud service delivery.
- Built on open standards, including OpenStack, for unparalleled interoperability.

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Deliver Unmatched Experience and Transform Your Customers into Your Personal Brand Ambassador: A Banking Scenario 0.5 day
Marketing Managers, Digital Media Professionals, Customer Service Managers, Product Management, Social Media Experts

Every person who interacts with a bank via online channels, tele-services or walking into a branch is a potential prospect – be it a new customer initiating a fresh relationship, or an existing customer looking towards enhancing value with the bank. These interactions present an opportunity to the bank to increase the wallet share of the customer, by understanding customer needs accurately, their life events and behavior. Once the bank gains this insight, it can be turned into a lead, and every interaction with the customer can be leveraged to turn this lead into a sale.

With IBM Smarter Commerce solutions, take this vision to reality, and build a new relationship with your customers.

Come and join us at the TEC and explore how IBM Smarter Commerce solutions can work for your bank and deliver a great experience to your customers.