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Vallent Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome - your transition to IBM Software Support will be completed on Saturday, October 6! On this date (October 6), you may begin contacting IBM Software Support for any new or existing Vallent support requests.

IBM Software Support is provided to you via the web and voice:

Web (electronic) support:
The IBM Software Support website is located at This website provides access to a wide range of electronic support for your IBM software. A few of the key support features are:
  • Self Help
  • Electronic problem submission tools
  • Navigation and advanced search capabilities with Knowledge bases
  • Hints, Tips and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Software Program code fixes
  • Program marketing information

Telephone (voice) support:
When contacting IBM's software customer support centers, each caller will be asked for the following information:
  • IBM Customer Number
  • Company name
  • Caller name and phone number
  • The name and version/release of the software needing support - as well as the name and version/release/modification of the platform/operating system on which they run

Once your problem record is created, a technical support representative will be contacting you to resolve your problem. The IBM Support callback process minimizes your team members' time on the phone and maximizes our engineers' ability to research and resolve issues. Visit the IBM Contacts page to find the appropriate technical support phone number for your country.

We encourage you to read the enclosed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet. It provides details about what to expect when contacting IBM Support online or by phone and other aspects of being an IBM Support client. In addition, you can access and download a .pdf version of the IBM Support Handbook

We are certain you'll find that the transition to our world-class technical support organization will mark the beginning of a valuable and rewarding relationship with IBM. As your solutions partner, we are dedicated to your success, and we look forward to working with you. Please e-mail us at (Vallent Customer Support Integration) with any questions that you may have.

IBM Tivoli Customer Support Team

Transition from Vallent to IBM Support - Frequently Asked Questions

Will the terms of my Vallent support change with the move to IBM support?
IBM will continue to provide support for existing Vallent customers, but the delivery vehicles will now align with the IBM support structure.

What will happen to any open service requests I have with my Vallent products?
Vallent service requests will be converted to IBM problem management records (PMRs). Vallent customers will be contacted by a Support engineer and provided with the appropriate IBM PMR number, replacing the Vallent service request number. The issue will be worked until resolved just like any other IBM Support PMR.

What can I expect when I contact IBM support?
The vast majority of Vallent Support team members-experts in the entire portfolio of Vallent products-are already integrated into the IBM Software Support organization. Their expertise, backed by IBM's support resources, will enable Vallent customers to enjoy the service excellence that differentiates IBM in the marketplace, providing:
  • Rapid response to your calls
  • Ongoing communication regarding your problem status through problem resolution
  • Ownership of your call
  • A defined escalation process when management assistance is needed
  • A commitment to continuous improvement of our support service processes

How do I reach IBM Support?
Your company's IBM Site Technical Contact (STC) authorizes individuals to use IBM's online Electronic Service Request system, or ESR. ESR is the fastest and most convenient method of accessing IBM support. It allows authorized users to submit or update information for any IBM software service request.

To access ESR, visit the Open service request page and select ESR (Electronic Service Request).

To learn more about ESR, we recommend taking the ESR Site Tours

If I have an escalation, who can I contact for support related issues?
If we fail to meet your expectations, please feel free to escalate the issue to our Duty Manager, who is available to you 24x7. For more information, please refer to Contacting IBM

What is the IBM Software Support organization?
IBM Support is a global network of support centers with expertise across our broad product portfolio. The organization's teams of individuals work together to provide the best possible platform and cross-platform software support.

For complex or code-related problems, we have specialized, skilled product teams with access to the experts in our Development Laboratories, no matter where they are located.

I already have an IBM customer number. Now I've been assigned a different one. Why?
You may have been assigned a new customer number as part of the transfer of Vallent product records into the IBM systems. The number on the accompanying letter is your official customer number to use whenever referring to Vallent software. Any other IBM customer number assigned to your organization remains unchanged as relates to those IBM relationships.

Why is the IBM Customer Number so important?
The IBM Customer Number is used to identify your company and your ability to receive technical support. Once you receive your ICN, we recommend that you communicate this identifier to any individual within your organization that needs to contact IBM Support via telephone.

Who do I contact if I do not have my IBM Customer Number?
Please contact your IBM/Vallent Sales or Account Representative if you have not received your IBM Customer Number.

Will Vallent product names be changed?
As part of the Vallent Legacy customer migration a number of products were consolidated for support. Because of this it may be confusing finding your product when trying to open a problem with support. Below is a mapping to assist you in determining the products that were bundled together.
Vallent consolidated products
Consolidated name Products included
Network Performance Reporting Base
Network Perf Rprtng Tlayer Perf Alarm Network Perf Rprtng Tlayer Perf Alarm
Metrica Performance Manager Base
Billing For Vallent Contract Accounting Billing For Vallent Contract Accounting
Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager Wireless (Networkassure) Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager Wireless
Metrica Base Service Manager Metrica Base Service Manager
Tivoli Netcool Svc Quality Mg Base (Serviceassure)
Virtuo Mediation
Prospect Base
Prospect End To End Prospect End To End
Watchmark Pilot Watchmark Pilot
Metrica Apt Metrica Apt

New product mapping is available in the IBM Tivoli Rebranded product guide

Will I still be able to receive support languages other than English?
Our worldwide centers are structured to provide you with local language access in most major countries and with the skills to help you identify the source of your problem.

Will I still be able to use Support Online, eServices, and all of it's features?
All Vallent Support Online services and capabilities have been migrated into the IBM Support online infrastructure. SRS has been replaced with the Electronic Service Request (ESR) system. Where can I learn more about IBM Support?

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