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Tivoli Escalation Process

If our support processes fail to meet your expectations, please feel free to escalate the issue in one of four ways:
Web Support Problems
If you encounter web navigation errors, incorrect information, web performance, processing or usage problems, please submit feedback, using the link located in the right navigation area.

Support Engineer Escalation
  • Contact Tivoli Customer Support
  • Reference an existing issue with the corresponding problem number (PMR).
  • Inform the Customer Service Representative that you are dissatisfied with the support you have received and ask for this issue to be queued for a call-back from the first available Support Engineer.

Duty Manager Escalation
  • Contact Tivoli Customer Support
  • Ask to speak to a Tivoli Customer Support Duty Manager; your name, phone number, and issue are recorded.
  • The Tivoli Customer Support Duty Manager is contacted immediately and in most cases, you will be transferred live to that person.

Senior Manager Escalation
If your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction with one of the escalation paths described, please contact the appropriate responsible manager. For a list of managers, please refer to the senior manager contact list.

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