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 Welcome to the IBM Tivoli Communities resource page. This location provides Tivoli product associated information links to external and IBM user communities, such as Tivoli User Groups, Support Technical Exchange, and listserves with high traffic, like TME10 or ADSM-L . We recognize the value our customers find in these other informal information sources, and are striving to provide a single current reference for these commonly used exchanges. If you know of any other online customer exchanges that are delivering quality information for administration and customization of Tivoli products, we will gladly consider them as new editions to the communities resource page.

 Tivoli Communities Listing

Integrated Service Management Library
ISM Library provides service management accelerators to extend and enhance IBM's Integrated Service Management offerings, including referenced integrations provided by IBM Business Partners. Explore and deploy accelerators to assist customers with solution time to value reducing cost and deployment risks within their smarter infrastructure.
Link Integrated Service Management Library

Tivoli developerWorks
Four moderated developer forums that focus on systems management opportunities and challenges. The topics covered by the initial forums are: Configuration and Operations; Performance and Availability; Storage Management; and Security Management.
Link Tivoli developerWorks

Tivoli User Groups
Tivoli user groups are independent, user-run organizations comprised of users of Tivoli software. They provide an open forum that promotes an easy interchange of information about each other's deployments, and that provides valuable technical information to Tivoli software development, support, services, and education.
Link Tivoli User Groups

Tivoli Support Technical Exchange
Expand your technical understanding of your current Tivoli products, in a convenient format hosted by Tivoli Support Engineers. This program will provide support discussions containing product information, trouble-shooting tips, common issues, problem solving resources and other Support recommendations.
Link Tivoli Support Technical Exchange

TME10 Tivoli Technical Mailing List
The TME10 list is used to discuss Tivoli products and Tivoli Ready products produced by members of the PartnerWorld for Developers. The TME10 list is not affiliated with, supported by, or endorsed by IBM.

To subscribe to these lists for Netview information, please contact:
Link TME10 List
NetView Information
Note: This site is independently owned and not affiliated with Tivoli Systems/IBM Corporation.

Tivoli Storage Manager ADSM-L List Server
To participate in user discussions of Tivoli Storage Manager you can subscribe to the ADSM-L list server. This is a user forum maintained by Marist College and subscribed to by more than 1,600 users (at the time of this writing). While not officially supported by IBM, Tivoli Storage Manager developers and other IBM support staff also participate on an informal, best-effort basis. Because this is not an official IBM support channel, you should contact IBM Technical Support if you require a response specifically from IBM. Otherwise there is no guarantee that IBM will respond to your question on the list server.

To subscribe, please contact:

The body of the message must contain the following:
SUBSCRIBE ADSM-L yourfirstname yourlastname

The list server will send you a response asking you to confirm the subscription request. Once you confirm your subscription request, the list server will send you further instructions. You will then be able to post messages to the list server by sending e-mail to:

If at a later time you wish to unsubscribe from ADSM-L, you can send a note to the following e-mail address:

The body of the message must contain the following:
Note: This site is independently owned and not affiliated with Tivoli Systems/IBM Corporation.

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