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IBM BigFix requires that you obtain a license key before you install the product. This page provides instruction on how to acquire and use license keys for BigFix.

Note: IBM BigFix was formerly known as "IBM Endpoint Manager" and "Tivoli Endpoint Manager". Product documentation has been updated but in some cases the older names still appear in online reference pages.

Access the License Key Center

The IBM BigFix License Key Center is accessed here:

IBM BigFix licensing — process overview

  1. The process is started when you purchase IBM BigFix.
  2. You will receive two emails within a few hours of your purchase. One email will be sent from IBM as confirmation of your purchase. Another email will contain instructions on how to access the BigFix License Key Center. These emails are sent to the technical contact associated with the IBM Customer Number for the account.
  3. Login to the License Key Center - - and create a license authorization file.
  4. Start the BigFix installation. The installer program will prompt you for the authorization file that you created using the License Key Center

IBM BigFix support contact information

Support contact page:

IBM BigFix download locations

BigFix can be downloaded from IBM's Passport Advantage portal, or from the Developer Work's trial site at The demonstration trial installer is actually the same installer program for a normal production installation.

IBM BigFix licensing assistance

For specific problems with your license such as license expiration date, entitlement counts, or lost authorization files, contact the BigFix Licensing Support Team at Support questions not related to licensing - such as general installation problems, setup configuration, deployment questions, etc. - should be directed through the normal support and sales resources and should not be sent to this address.


IBM BigFix installation instructions

  1. Installation requirements. Before installing, you need to ensure that you have an "install computer" that will be used to create the private keys, create the installers, and run the Console (often this computer will be your workstation or Server computer) and you will need a server computer that meets all of the Server system requirements. For more detailed installation and administration information, please refer to the Admin Guide on the Product Documentation page.
  2. License certificate creation. Before you can use the product, you need to create the Private Key (license.pvk) and installation masthead (masthead.efxm) for security and license reasons. (Perform the steps listed below on the install computer.) You should use the License Authorization (*.BESLicenseAuthorization) file you created using your License Key Center account or, in the case of a Proof-of-Concept evaluation, that was provided to you by your IBM Technical Sales Representative.
  3. Create site credentials and request license:
    1. Run the BigFix installer. When prompted, choose "Production" installation.
    2. Choose the option, a wizard will open that will take you through the steps of creating your Private Key and installation masthead
    3. Click "Browse...", select your License Authorization file, and click "Next".
    4. Check the values for "Number of Clients", "License Start Date", "License End Date", and "Organization Name" to make sure they match up with what you have ordered and click "Next".
    5. Choose an IP hostname for your Server that will allow Clients to connect to it. A hostname, such as "", is recommended because of its flexibility when changing server computers and doing advanced network configurations. After you have entered the hostname, click "Next".
    6. Note: After the License Certificate is created, the hostname cannot be changed. If change is needed for hostname, a new license will need to be created, which requires a completely new installation.
    7. Type in a site credentials password. This is the "master" password for your installation. It will be used whenever you create additional users or change the masthead parameters. This password is very important and should follow your organization's password conventions and policies.

      Note: If you lose this password, a new license will need to be created, which requires a completely new installation.
    8. You will be prompted to save your Private Key (license.pvk) file. Save it in new folder in a secure location (i.e., in a folder "BigFix Site Credentials" with secure permissions or on a removable drive).
    9. Note: If you lose the Private Key file, a new license will need to be created, which requires a completely new installation. Anyone with the Private Key file and Password will theoretically have full control over all computers with Clients installed so make sure to keep the Private Key file and Password secured.)
    10. Choose the option to submit your request over the Internet. You will be prompted for a location to save the resulting License Certificate (license.crt) file, and a request file will be sent to IBM for license verification.

      Note: Your private key files and password are NOT sent to IBM. This process may take several minutes. When it is done, click "Finish".
    11. The wizard will ask you to create a masthead file with specific parameters for your deployment.
    12. Choose the folder to install the component installers.

      Note: This step will create the installers for the Client, Console, and Server, but will not actually install the components.
    13. The Installation Guide will now be launched to lead you through the installation of the components.
    14. From the on-line installation instructions, you may now complete your installation from Part 3, "Component Installation".
  4. Installation solutions and extensions. After successfully installing the Server and Console, complete the installation by subscribing to your solution sites.

    Open the Console, select the BigFix Management domain in the bottom of the left pane, and select the License Overview node in the tree near the top of the left pane. Click the Enable link for each site that you wish to have enabled in your deployment. In addition, you will need to subscribe computers to each site by following the link for each site.

    If your Server is not able to connect to the license server over the internet, please refer to Installing BigFix in an Air-Gapped Network for alternate instructions.

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