IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) Supported Devices for AS/400 and OS/400 PASE

Latest Fix Level May Be Required

New devices added to this list will require the specified fix level. If you are a standard licensed customer that has purchased the appropriate device support and need this device fix level, download the device fix from our Server Maintenance page.


The platform fields in the table below (AS/400 and PASE) identify the IBM Spectrum Protect server platforms and minimum fix level required to support the device. Some devices may require advanced device support. Refer to the table legend. When either a unique level is specified such as 4.1.4 or base level is specified, it indicates that support for that device exists starting at that level and for all follow on levels or releases. When "Base," is specified, the following base level is assumed. The base levels ( minimum fix level required to support the device ) are: Version 4, Release 1, Mod 0, Fix Level 00 (dated July 28, 2000)

SCSI and Fibre Chanel

We support SCSI and Fibre Channel connections to all of the devices on this device list as long as it is supported by the hardware vendor.

Legend for Table

 Total of (6) IBM Spectrum Protect Supported Devices

IBM Magstar Tape Products
Device Capacity AS/400 PASE
IBM Magstar 3590 Model H11

30 GB Base
IBM Magstar 3592

300 GB
IBM Magstar MP 3570 Model B00

5 GB Base
IBM Magstar MP 3570 Model B01/B02

100 GB Base
IBM Magstar MP 3570 Model B11/B12

100 GB Base

LTO Tape Libraries
Device Capacity AS/400 PASE
LTO Ultrium 3582 Scalable

350 GB Base


Other Devices Supported

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