Tivoli Business Field Guides

These are white papers designed to address specific business practices that have a high impact on the success or failure of an ESM project. The business practices include: Change Management, Project Management, Developing Requirements, Organizing around an ESM project, Building a case for a Test Environment, Quick Wins Strategies & Understanding the Phases of Deployment. There are many other business topics covered in additional papers.

Customer visionary overviews

Visionaries are the individuals with a high level systems management vision and the individuals who have been tasked to deliver that vision.

Project manager information

The person who manages the day to day operations of the project and makes sure that all tasks are completed and all deadlines are met.

Technical lead information>

The person responsible for implementing the technology required to achieve the project goals. This is also the person who directs the technical efforts of the team.

Customer submissions

These are short technical white papers written by customers and partners describing how they used Tivoli products to solve a specific business issue, such as Asset Management.

Please download the paper "Tivoli Field Guide, Guidelines for Customers and Business Partners". This paper describes the process for writing and submitting a Tivoli Field Guide.

Many of these documents were built with Adobe Acrobat 5.0. For best results, please make sure that you are at the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (5.0). Please visit Adobe to download the latest version. If you do not use Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.x, some of these documents may not be readable in entirety or at all.

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Tivoli Management Framework

  1. 2012-01-16

    Tivoli Field Guide - Understanding the Phases of a Tivoli Deployment

    This guide offers a serious perspective on aspects of running an Enterprise Systems Management project (such as Tivoli). These projects tend to have several phases with different needs in terms of staffing, resources, support, and the types of issues seen.

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