Tivoli Field Guides

The Tivoli Field Guides represent a new level in customer support by an Enterprise Systems Management company. Included in this initiative are a series of professional and technical white papers and journals. This on-going initiative seeks to share the experience of Tivoli customers and Tivoli implementation experts, with other Tivoli customers to provide the information needed to succeed. Tivoli Customer Support is proud to bring this initiative to life!

Additions & Updates

New Tivoli Field Guides will be added to this site often, and there is a maintenance plan in place to keep the current Tivoli Field Guides up-to-date. Please check back frequently to view updates and additions to this offering.

Two types of Tivoli Field Guides

Tivoli Field Guides for Technical Issues

These are white papers and scripts written by Tivoli employees and by Tivoli customers. These papers are designed to address specific technical scenarios or concepts, which are often complex to implement or difficult to understand. Some of the subjects discussed are:

Tivoli Field Guides for Business Issues

These are white papers written by Tivoli employees and by Tivoli customers. These papers are designed to address specific business practices that have a high impact on the success or failure of an ESM project. The business papers cover the following topics:

Latest Tivoli® Field Guides

  1. 2013-02-19

    Tivoli Field Guide - Services Ready Guide for Nuclear Industry Solution, Release 7.5.1

    This Services Ready Guide is meant to support the implementation project life-cycle, from initial planning on through to configuration. It will not tell you what to do, but will provide background information and insight that can be combined with knowledge of the project and MAXIMO to effectively implement the Nuclear Industry Solution in an efficient manner. Information provided in this document is not meant to replace any standard documentation typically provided with the software (e.g. end-user doc’s o

  2. 2012-12-04

    Tivoli Field Guide: Offload Oracle RMAN Incremental Backups using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for ERP and IBM Tivoli ...

    Tivoli Storage Manager for Enterprise Resource Planning (TSM for ERP) v6.3 can be used to shift the process of Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) incremental backup to a dedicated offload host. TSM for ERP works together with the IBM software Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager to use the storage snapshot technologies. That means a reduction to almost zero impact to the production hosts during the RMAN incremental backup process, because the traditional TSM tape backup is performed on the offload host.

  3. 2012-06-26

    Tivoli Field Guide - Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management in a mixed GPFS cluster environment

    This article covers the basic setup and usage of the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management client (UNIX HSM client) in a mixed GPFS cluster environment. Mixed GPFS cluster environment means, that there are several cluster nodes with different operating systems running in the GPFS cluster. It also deals with the integration of the Tivoli Storage Manager Backup/Archive client in such a GPFS cluster environment.

Why did we write them?

Empower Customers & Business Partners to succeed with Tivoli

The Tivoli Field Guides will empower Tivoli customers and Business Partners by providing them with accurate and timely information on Tivoli products and on the business issues that impact their Enterprise Systems Management project. The Tivoli Field Guides are written by Tivoli Support and Services Engineers and by Tivoli Customers who have experience using Tivoli software in a production environment.

Leverage Internal & External Knowledge

Tivoli Customer Support and Services has a great deal of knowledge about how to use Tivoli products in a production environment, but not all of that knowledge is documented in product manuals or redbooks. We need to leverage the knowledge within Tivoli by documenting and sharing information on new products and find a way to leverage knowledge that is outside Tivoli. There are many Tivoli customers and Business Partners who are experts on specific products and who are using Tivoli software in unique ways. We would like to document that expertise and share it with other customers.


The Tivoli Field Guides will be discussed at a number of regional events. Please contact Tivoli support site feedback or ask your account manager if there is an event in your region.


To submit a paper to Tivoli Field Guides, contact Tivoli support site feedback.


To provide feedback on the Tivoli Field Guides or request a new Tivoli Field Guide, contact Tivoli support site feedback.

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