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Analyst reports

Architecting a Big Data Platform for Analytics

In this vibrant market, software technology continues to improve with advances in analytical relational database technology, as well as the emergence of mobile and collaborative BI. Read the report for more information.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Architecting a Big Data Platform for Analytics by Mike Ferguson

Typically, a history of business activity is built up over a number of years allowing organizations to use business intelligence (BI) tools to analyze, compare and report on business performance over time. Learn more

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Big Data and Analytics Key to Accountable Care Success

The intent of this paper is to provide insights into: ● The role of Big Data and analytics in driving successful accountable care ● The definition of Big Data and analytics and the healthcare use cases ● The benefits and challenges related to Big Data and analytics

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Big Data Comes of Age

This report amines some key questions around the opportunity of Big Data. The study which consists of 255 Big Data business and IT professionals responded to an invitation to talk about their Big Data plans and implementations.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Control And Protect Sensitive Information In The Era Of Big Data

This report outlines the future look of Forrester's solution for security and risk executives seeking to develop a holistic strategy to protect and manage sensitive data.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Data-driven healthcare organizations use big data analytics for big gains

Learn the value that data and analytics provide, and gives examples of organizations that are already leveraging a wide range of big data capabilities to deliver clinical and financial benefits

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide To Transforming The Business of Government

This report approaches Big Data from the perspective of the key mission imperatives government agencies must address, the challenges and the opportunities posed by the explosion in data, and the business and inherent value Big Data can provide.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Innovating with Operational Intelligence: Deriving Competitive Advantage from Business and IT Event Data

Download this independent report on operational intelligence best practices and the potential benefits of faster, more accurate operational decision-making for competitive advantage.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Market Overview: Enterprise Search

Forrester evaluated 12 enterprise search vendors that vary widely in their brand awareness, cost, and ease of use. Google, Autonomy, and Microsoft are the most well-known names; they own a large portion of the existing market.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

The Big Data Zoo—Taming the Beasts

Discover how to manage the zoo-like atmosphere created by large volumes of data. This white paper goes in depth.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013


Announcement letters

IBM InfoSphere Streams V2.0 extends streaming analytics, simplifies development of streaming applications, and improves performance

Streams enables continuous and fast analysis of massive volumes of moving data to help improve the speed of business insight and decision making.

Last updated: 04 Dec 2011



Harness the Power of Big Data: The IBM Big Data Platform

Discover how to manage the zoo-like atmosphere created by large volumes of data. This white paper goes in depth.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013



IBM enterprise big data platform in energy and utilities

IBM enterprise big data provides a comprehensive, integrated and industrial strength platform to address the full spectrum of big data energy and utility challenges, such as smart meter/smart grid data.

Last updated: 01 Jul 2012


Data sheets

IBM accelerators for big data

As part of IBM Big Data Platform, the accelerators help organizations integrate and manage full variety, velocity and volume of data; apply advanced analytics to information in its native form; visualize all available data for adhoc analysis; and build new analytic applications based on workload optimization and scheduling.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer

IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer provides an enterprise-wide solution for secure, federated search, navigation and discovery and search across all of an organization’s information assets.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Outbound Call Center Optimization

In a challenging economy, executives must find innovative ways to maximize sales and develop new revenue streams. By providing unified access to the information call center agents, IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer allows call centers to overcome challenges and focus on the sales functions critical to driving revenue.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013


Information centers

IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.0 Information Center

The IBM® InfoSphere® Streams Information Center gives you access to the information that you need to install and use the InfoSphere Streams product and features.

Last updated: 13 Nov 2012

IBM InfoSphere Streams Information Center

This information center contains the product documentation, support information, and links to related resources.

Last updated: 26 Apr 2010


Solution sheets

IBM Readiness Assessment for big data

Big data offers organizations new ways to use enterprise data to deepen business insights and extend competitive advantage. Yet many companies are unsure of where to start. Learn more

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013


White papers

A Better Customer Experience: Why CRM Alone Is Insufficient for Competitive Differentiation

CRM applications are essential for managing customer information and delivering quality experiences across all customer-facing touch-points. But a CRM application alone is insufficient for ensuring that your company is more rigorously attentive and responsive to your customers than your competitors are. Learn more

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Big data, bigger outcomes

Big Data solutions can help organizations personalize care, engage patients, reduce variability and costs, and improve quality. Once Big Data is managed and integrated, organizations can apply analytics to better understand the clinical and operational states of their business.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Big data: New insights transform industries

Organizations today are collecting tremendous volumes of data, generated by a wide variety of sources, often at extreme velocities. This is “big data”—the millions of stock trades, call detail records (CDRs), social media posts and patient test results produced every single day. Learn more.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Big data analytics: Disruptive technologies for changing the game

Unlike many other Big Data Analytics blogs and books that cover the basics and technological underpinnings, this book brings a practitioner’s view to Big Data Analytics. The author has drawn the material from a large number of workshops and interviews with business and IT leaders.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Big data analytics for communications service providers

This paper defines what big data analytics mean to CSPs, provides an overview of their most valuable uses in telecommunications, outlines what companies must look for as they adopt new big data analytics solutions and discusses how IBM can help.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Capitalize on the power of big data to transform marketing

Leading marketers in retail, banking, telecommunications, digital media, travel and transportation and other industries have already started to take advantage of big data to effect change. Learn more

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Capitalizing on the power of big data for retail

With a wealth of information readily available online, consumers are now better able to compare products, services and prices—even as they shop in physical stores. When consumers interact with retailers publically through social media, they have greater power to influence other customers or damage a brand.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Data Profit vs. Data Waste

Data waste occurs when companies do not fully utilize the wealth of data that they already have. This problem has become highly prevalent because companies have implemented so many systems over the past decade or more – from high-end databases and applications to email and basic desktop productivity tools. Learn more

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Getting the most out of big data

In an era of intense competition and market volatility, banks need strategies for getting the most out of data for two key activities—customer interaction and liquidity risk management. The following white paper shows how big data impacts these important aspects of the financial services industry

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Jump-starting collaboration with social search

As examples in this paper show, social search provides the means to go beyond just finding information to actually freeing it from the confines of applications, allowing organizations to increase collaboration and accelerate innovation, all while gaining valuable insight into the collective intelligence of the organization.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Smart Grid Analytics: All That Remains to be Ready is You

Thanks to the Smart Grid, the utilities industry is awash in data. One electric utility says its meter data management (MDM) database holds 30 terabytes of information, including meter event data, alerts, health status updates and over 75 billion meter reads per year. Learn more

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

The value of InfoSphere BigInsights

Helps firms discover and analyze business insights hidden in large volumes of a diverse range of data, including log records, clickstreams, social media data, news feeds, email, electronic sensor output and even some transactional data.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2013

Managing big data for smart grids and smart meters

This paper examines the business requirements, technical challenges and IBM solutions for a variety of data-driven decision-making and planning imperatives in the energy and utilities industry.

Last updated: 01 Jul 2012

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