IBM Support Registrations Quick Start

IBM Support Registrations Quick Start: Steps to assist with initial IBM Service Request setup.


The IBM Service Request tool is a fast and convenient way to create and update service requests online. Note: The term "service request" is also referred to as a Problem Management Report or PMR.

Registering for IBM Service Request requires a few steps.

1.  Access IBM Service Request at:

2.  Enter your IBM login ID and password and click Sign in.

  • If you do not have an IBM ID, click Create an IBM ID, and follow the instructions to create your ID/password. Return to the Sign in page to enter your new IBM ID and password, by clicking the Continue button.

  • Note:  If you are already authenticated, then continue to the next step.

Sign in page

3. Validate your email address.

  • If it is your first time using the Service Request tool, you will see the following message stating that "your email is not validated with IBM Service Request".
  • Click the Continue button to begin email validation.
  • Note: If your email address is already validated with IBM, then continue to Step 7

User registration status screen, indicating that your email is not valiated.

4. Click Send verification email to receive your Registration code.

Email verification screen, step 1.  

5.  Enter the registration code that was sent to your email address into the “Registration code” field and click Submit.

  • Note: The email with the Registration code is sent from and has the subject "IBM Software Support registration: Please verify your email address".

Email verification screen, step 2.

6. Email verification complete.

  • Click Continue.

Email verification screen, step 3. 

7.  Register your IBM Customer Number: click on the link "I am having a problem with software".
New service request page, showing the link to open a software problem report.  
Next, click on the "Software registration" link.
New service request page, showing the Software registration link.

8. Enter your IBM customer number, select the country, and click Submit.

  • To register a hardware system, click on the radio button beside the "By machine type and serial number" then enter the machine type and serial number and click Submit.

Support registrations screen.

9. Scroll to the bottom of the Support Registrations page to see the status of your request.

  • If your Site Technical Contact (STC) or SR Administrator allows automatic approval for Basic access, then your request is complete and your additional customer number will be listed under "Existing access" at the bottom of the Support Registrations page.
  • Otherwise, your request will be routed for approval and listed as "Pending."

Registration request status screen.

10. Once you have been approved, click the "X" located near the top right of the page to begin working with service requests.

Additional information

Additional assistance

If you are experiencing a problem registering with IBM Electronic Support and you would like to request assistance, please use the support request form at

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