IBM Software support lifecycle - XML download

Product support lifecycle

This page allows you to download IBM software support lifecycle (SLC) data in eXtensible Markup Language (XML) format. We offer this format for customers who wish to perform automated processing and analysis of our software lifecycle data (more information is available in the section entitled Process the XML data below). If you merely need to receive automatic daily updates of this information in a human-readable format, please subscribe to our Software support lifecycle news feed.

Get the default daily XML download

We update our software lifecycle data once a day. The default daily download contains data for any products whose lifecycle event dates have changed in the previous 24 hours. To download this data, select the Download XML data link below. Then use your browser’s Save As… command to save the data to a file on your hard drive.

Customize the XML download

In the form below, choose the number of days of updates you want in the download. Then choose the lifecycle event type you want to include in the download. Then select the Download button to download the data, and use your browser’s Save As… command to save the data to a file on your hard drive.

Process the XML data

Many desktop spreadsheet and database programs can import XML files. Once you have imported the data into your spreadsheet or database program you will be able to sort and filter it as you desire. Please refer to your software's documentation for details.

For more advanced processing, you can create custom software using a variety of programming languages or tools to periodically retrieve this data from our server and process it to suit your business needs. However, IBM cannot provide any support for your custom software development activities.

If you wish to initialize your program with a complete set of product lifecycle data, use the link below to download it. The full data set is regenerated every Sunday morning, and is available after 7 a.m. U.S. eastern time (1200 UTC). The file size is approximately 3 MB.

Hint: right-click the download link and choose "Save link as…" to save the file.

Because of its size and lack of customization, we recommend that you download the full data set only occasionally, and that you use the daily data file to keep your application up-to-date.

XML schema

Our PLC XML data schema document describes the format, organization, and relationships within the XML product lifecycle data. If you plan to create custom software to process the XML data, you will find the schema useful. Even if you choose simply to import the XML data into a spreadsheet, the documentation within the schema file will help you understand the organization of data contained in the XML data.