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Product ID General
End of
WebSphere Business Integration Adapter for WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker 2.8.x E 5724-H37 2005-10-04 2014-04-30
WebSphere Message Broker for z/OS 8.0.x E 5697-P44 2011-12-09 2017-04-30
WebSphere Message Broker Hypervisor Edition 8.0.x O 5725-B71 2011-12-09 2018-09-30
WebSphere Message Broker 8.0.x E 5724-J05 2011-12-16 2017-04-30
WebSphere Message Broker Connectivity Pack for Healthcare 8.0.x E 5725-C18 2013-04-01 2017-04-30
WebSphere Message Broker Hypervisor Edition for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server x86 8.0.X O 5725-B72 2011-12-09 2018-09-30

Modification level

“.x” designates that any and all modifications available follow the Enhanced and Standard designated Software support lifecycle policy for the associated version/release of the product.

Policy type

The policy type column indicates which of IBM’s Continuous Delivery (“C”), Standard (“S”), Enhanced (“E”) or Other (“O”) Software support lifecycle policies applies to each version/release product.

General availability

The General Availability (GA) date listed is the latest date that a version/release of the product is available to all users, regardless of language or media.

End of support

The End of Support (EOS) date listed is the last date on which IBM will deliver standard support services for a given version/release of a product.