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Find detailed information about the available IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policies to help you realize the full value of your IBM software products.

To view details for multiple products, select the checkbox for each product and click “View details”.

Announcement letter dates are U.S. only. Information for other country announcements is available on the IBM Offering Information page.

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(**Indicates comments/exception)
Product IDGeneral
End of
8.6.xE5725-D2213 Jun 201230 Sep 2017
8.6.xE5725-D2313 Jun 201230 Sep 2017
8.6.xE5725-D1713 Jun 201230 Sep 2017
8.5.0E5725-D1707 Jun 201130 Sep 2017
8.6.xE5725-D2113 Jun 201230 Sep 2017 Jun 201130 Sep 2016
8.6.0E5725-E6715 May 201230 Sep 2015
8.5.2E5725-E6715 May 201230 Sep 2015
3.1.xS5724-C3527 Sep 200230 Apr 2006
1.4.xS5697-MAE10 Aug 200430 Sep 2004
1.3.xS5697-MAE10 Aug 200430 Sep 2004
1.1.xS5697-MAE10 Aug 200430 Sep 2004
3.2.xS5697-MAE10 Aug 200430 Sep 2004
8.6.0E5725-D2213 Jun 2012
8.5.0E5725-D2209 Dec 2011 Jun 2011
8.6.xE5725-D2213 Jun 2012
8.6.xE5725-D2213 Jun 2012
8.6.xE5725-D2413 Jun 2012
8.6.xE5725-D2213 Jun 2012
4.2.xE5724-I0705 May 2006
7.1.0S5770-UME23 Apr 2010
1.2.0S5722-UME29 Jan 2008
7.5.xE5725-M8608 Nov 2013


  1. .x designates that any and all modifications available follow the Enhanced and Standard designated Software Support Lifecycle Policy for the associated version/release of the product.
  2. The policy type column indicates which of IBM’s standard (“S”), enhanced (“E”) or other (“O”) Software Support Lifecycle Policy applies to each version/release product.
  3. The General Availability (GA) date listed is the latest date that a version/release of the product is available to all users, regardless of language or media. A product version/release is not published on the Lifecycle web site until the GA date.
  4. The End of Support (EOS) date listed is the last date on which IBM will deliver standard support services for a given version/release of a product.

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