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IBM Support Assistant Team Server (Update) now available.
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Team Server provides a rich set of problem determination tools and functions to help you investigate software problems. Through a shared application, you can collaborate with others to discover root causes and enhance your productivity.

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Features and Benefits
Problem Determination tools Use specialized tools to troubleshoot complex problems. Generate analysis reports or interact with rich web-based and desktop tools.
Intuitive Web UI Emphasizing simplicity, Team Server allows you to easily open a browser to access the application and problem determination tools
Server based application Install once and collaborate with multiple team members. Analysis processing can now be off-loaded from your desktop.
Case management Organize diagnostic files by problem incident or other meaningful organization approaches.
File management Quickly navigate through case files and perform a variety of actions directly against remote files such as compress, rename, move and more.
Automated data analysis Automatically scan case files to discover common problem symptoms and candidate solutions.

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