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With My Notifications you can receive daily or weekly announcements through e-mail, custom Web pages and RSS feeds. These customizable communications can contain important news, new or updated support content, such as publications, hints and tips, technical notes, product flashes (alerts) and downloads and drivers. The tool allows you to customize and categorize the products you want to monitor and any of the available delivery methods to suit your support needs.

Benefits and features

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  • Options for frequency of notification. E-mails can be sent weekly or daily.
  • You can select HTML or Text formatted e-mail notifications.
  • Ability to choose delivery with RSS, using your favorite RSS reader.
  • You can create personal Web folders to store and view your notifications, providing an automatic archive of past notices.
  • Subscription formats are consistent with the content on the product support site, making subscription choices clearer.
  • You will be able to subscribe to product notifications directly from some product support pages.
  • IBM support can now use the My Notifications tool to immediately notify you of critical technical support issues. Signing up for "Flash" documents will ensure you are immediately notified of these issues, regardless of your daily or weekly subscription settings for normal support documents.



Ready to subscribe?

Go to My Notifications to create and customize your subscriptions. All you need is an IBM ID and password. You can register for an IBM ID using the registration link on the My Notifications login page if you have not done so. Registration is free.

Once you log in to the My Notification tool, you can view additional help information, FAQs, and training presentations by selecting the help tab.

For a detailed walk-through of the features available in My Notifications, View the My Notifications automated tour.

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