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For questions about purchasing the IBM Software Accelerated Value program, please e-mail Software Accelerated Value Program or one of the contacts in your local area below. If product assistance is needed please call your local support center or try the IBM Support Portal. General IBM Corporate contact information can be found here.

Sales: Americas

North America, Business Leader:  Alex Lewis 1-512-973-5271
America Latina, Executivo de Vendas:  Scott Hammer 55-11-2132-6746
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Sales: Asia Pacific

Sales and Services Leader: Hwee Lee Yeo  (Singapore) ) 65-6418-1360
Regional Manager: Jamie Azzopardi (Australia, New Zealand)  61-3-3213-2375
Sales Manager:  Tom Pickard  (Australia, New Zealand) 61-2-9478-8375
Regional Manager:  Collin Tai  (ASEAN) 65-6418-1933
Sales Manager: Nicholas BC Ng  (ASEAN) 603-23018888
Regional Manager:  Ho Seung Lee  (Korea) 82-2-3781-6273

Sales Manager: Jin Nam Lee  (Korea) 82-2-3781-6766
Regional Manager: Jagadisha Bhat  (India) 91-80-406-83823
Sales Manager:  Ajaypal S Dharni  (India) 91-98-115-03700

Sales: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Sales Manager:  Linda WH Young  85-2-282-56324

Sales: Central East Europe

Sales Manager: Temel Kebapcioglu  1-90-530-3171482

Sales: Japan

Sales Manager:  Tohru Takahashi   81-50-3149-8774

Sales: Middle East and Africa

Sales Manager: Shereen El Demelawy 1-971-4-3907434

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