Software Accelerated Value Program

Software Accelerated Value Program


The IBM Accelerated Value Program enables customers to customize and select the level of services appropriate to help succeed with their business goals. Our program assigns expert individuals as the single point of contact for managing each Accelerated Value Program client with personalized support-related interactions. To qualify, you will need an active Software Subscription and Support contract with any licensed IBM Software product. Please contact us with your questions.


Accelerated Value Leader

An assigned Accelerated Value Leader will serve as your single point of contact within the IBM support organization, managing your support relationship across IBM for your covered IBM software. Your Accelerated Value Leader will also provide information on the future direction of IBM software.

Accelerated Value Specialist

An assigned technical expert skilled in specific product areas who provides technical advice, overall environment proactiveness, skill sharing, diagnostic coaching, assistance with migrations, upgrades, key projects and recommendations for managing your IBM software.

Executive Sponsorship

Depending upon the level of service you purchase, a senior member of the IBM worldwide software team will assist you to receive the highest return on your IBM software investment.

On-Site Days

An Accelerated Value technical expert will travel to your site to perform on-site services for short-term engagements to assist with skills development and/or event management related to the IBM software in your environment.

Emergency On-Site Days

An Accelerated Value technical expert will dispatch within 24 hours to your site to perform diagnostic work on a critical Severity 1 incident.

Knowledge Sharing Activities

We have developed a collection of activities in the form of knowledge sharing events, for you our Accelerated Value customers, to increase your understanding of IBM Software products. Our knowledge sharing events will help iwth best practices, proactive problem avoidance and promote operational management guidance.

First Access to Technical Content

The IBM Accelerated Value Program provides you with first access to technical information through your assigned Accelerated Value technical experts.

Accelerated Value Program Features in the IBM Support Portal

IBM Accelerated Value Program clients receive access in the IBM Support Portal to a collection of additional features exclusively for Accelerated Value clients.


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