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T-Mobile Client Reference Video

Christine Twiford, manager of technology solutions and network engineering for T-Mobile discusses how they have embraced the IBM PureData System for Analytics to tackle Big Data.
07 Jan 2013

Ufone ... What if you could be sure that your campaign marketing dollars were targeting the right customers, at the right time?

Near-real-time predictive analytics powers the campaign management solution this mobile carrier uses to reduce churn and keep subscribers happy, helping ensure that campaigns are highly effective and timely.
31 Dec 2012

Keeping a finger on the pulse of analytics ... beyerdynamic increases sales success and growth using IBM technology

beyerdynamic has introduced a business intelligence platform that gathers, processes and analyses corporate data. The new solution provides management with new insights into sales and marketing strategy based on sound evidence.
20 Dec 2012

Dave Beulke and Associates ... Reduces reporting times by 99 percent with IBM DB2 for z/OS database software

A healthcare organization reduces report run time from 37 hours down to minutes and, in some cases, seconds when it works with Dave Beulke and Associates to implement a new data warehouse on IBM DB2 for z/OS software.
20 Dec 2012

EEKA Fashion Video ... EEKA Fashion relies on IBM Smart Analytics System 5710 to manage and derive intelligence from its Big Data

A rapidly growing women’s fashion company in China improves the accuracy of sales projections, optimizes the merchandise mix at stores and protects profit margins when it deploys a smarter analytics solution built on IBM Information Management and Business Intelligence softw...
04 Dec 2012

NYSE Euronext Client Reference Video ... NYSE uses IBM Big Data solutions to innovate and prepare for the future

Emile Werr, head of Enterprise Data Architecture at NYSE Euronext, talks about how the firm is taking advantage of big data analytics today and plans for the future.
04 Dec 2012

Barnes & Noble, Inc.

A major bookselling and music chain deploys a powerful business intelligence solution that redefines the analytical possibilities for its merchandising and planning staff, and spreads the wealth to its publishing partners.
30 Nov 2012


This scientific institution is preparing the world for the advent of the smart power grid that delivers constant energy-pricing feedback to help optimize the system and better integrate renewable resources.
30 Nov 2012

Qualcomm Leverages IBM Business Analytics to Drive Value and Innovation

Qualcomm found that the rapid growth and highly competitive nature of its business made it imperative to synchronize all its divisions and associated functions. It was therefore paramount to create a business analytics platform that would support planning, forecasting, analy...
06 Nov 2012

Marist College gets the most out of its cloud environment ... Efficiently providing advanced business analytics capabilities for education and research

Marist College needed a cost-effective way to provide analytics capabilities for education and research. Working with IBM, the college implemented an IBM SmartCloud solution that used its existing cloud infrastructure to deliver business analytics while reducing administrati...
31 Oct 2012

Battelle ... Helping reduce energy costs and enhancing power grid reliability and performance

A nonprofit scientific institute in the United States spearheads a bold experiment in electric power conservation using IBM InfoSphere Streams software and the IBM Netezza High Capacity Appliance to test demand response supported by dynamic, demand-driven pricing models.
31 Oct 2012

Tele Ticket Service drives improved ticket sales ... Launching new business intelligence services with IBM software and IBM Business Partner Numius

IBM Business Partner Numius worked with the business to deploy the cloud-based Numius Platform Services solution, which uses IBM software.
30 Oct 2012

Walking the fine line between growth and competitive advantage ... Qualcomm and IBM Business Analytics

Qualcomm has a long-standing relationship with IBM, stretching back to late 1999 when the company started using IBM Cognos software. In 2010, Qualcomm upgraded to IBM Business Analytics solutions that fully meet its complex requirements, including the latest versions of IBM ...
10 Oct 2012

University of Southern California, Annenberg Innovation Lab Video ... IBM Big Data solutions help USC gain quick and efficient data analysis

USC Annenberg Innovation Lab is using IBM InfoSphere Streams - part of IBM's big data platform - to conduct sophisticated analytics and natural language recognition to gauge positive and negative opinions shared in millions of public tweets.
24 Sep 2012

Start Today Co. Ltd. ... By building a marketing database with the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance, email open rates increased 500 percent and conversion rate (CVR) 1,000 percent

Start Today improved its email open rate by 3 - 5 times and its conversion rate by 5 – 10 times when it used the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance and IBM Unica software to customize campaigns.
31 Aug 2012

Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Journey to Smarter Computing - Video ... Unifying Data to a Single Source of Truth

To balance customer needs, government mandates, and still provide quality affordable health insurance, BCBSNC wanted to centralize access to information from among multiple systems and applications.
11 Aug 2012

Dillard’s Smarter Approach to Business Intelligence - Video ... How IBM Smarter Computing and Analytics can transform retail

Needing a business intelligence solution to organize and process this massive data and enable better business decisions, Dillard’s turned to IBM’s Smart 7600 System.
26 Jul 2012

BCBS Massachusetts - Making a Difference with Smarter Computing ... Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA’s new data environment

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts faced a significant challenge in mounting data volumes. They adopted a Smarter Computing solution utilizing IBM Netezza Appliance.
17 Jul 2012

Open Universities Australia supports growth through business intelligence

IBM Business Partner Certus Solutions and Open Universities Australia designed and implemented a new analysis and reporting solution based on IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence, IBM Cognos TM1® and IBM SPSS® Modeler to enable better, faster decision-making and to enhance prod...
16 Jul 2012

A financial software company ... Projecting USD10 million revenue lift with the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance

A financial software company uses advanced analytics to improve the customer experience and build revenues. With an IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance, the company can rapidly query large volumes of data and handle computational complexity with manageable TCO and operation...
30 Jun 2012

Brigham and Women’s Hospital ... Brigham handles massive data volumes with ease and delivers analytics 20 to 30 times faster

This research institution sets a new gold standard for processing computationally intensive pharmacoepidemiology studies when it implements a solution that delivers analytics 20 to 30 times faster, handling massive data volumes, including longitudinal data, with ease.
29 Jun 2012

TEOCO Corporation Video ... Simplifying business analytics with IBM Netezza

IBM Netezza enables TEOCO to better analyze and understand massive amounts of data, helping uncover critical business issues and stay ahead of the curve with big data.
29 Jun 2012

Redcats Group extends predictive analytics to all its brands

The company created a solution that enabled it to exploit its colossal customer database using IBM SPSS® Modeler software.
25 Jun 2012

Premier ... Helping healthcare providers deliver the best possible care to their patients

Serving over 2,900 U.S. hospitals and 100,000 other healthcare sites, the Premier healthcare alliance is undertaking a groundbreaking initiative to help providers identify which treatments benefit patients the most so they can be assured the best care.
11 Jun 2012

TEOCO ... Helping communication service providers (CSPs) save hundreds of millions of dollars

TEOCO’s assurance and analytics solutions, powered by the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance, make it possible for CSPs to access and analyze the massive amounts of data required to get to the bottom of cost issues - a move that is helping providers save millions of dollar...
31 May 2012

Trident Marketing ... Increases revenue nearly 1,000 percent with predictive analytics

By using predictive analytics that uncover trends across thousands of data points, Trident Marketing has gained unprecedented visibility into consumers - insight that has helped it boost sales and achieve a nearly tenfold increase in revenue in four years.
31 May 2012

Fiserv ... Saving USD8 million in five years and helping banks improve business outcomes using IBM technology

Working with IBM, Fiserv is transforming billions of raw transactions into highly usable, actionable insights for its clients, helping small and midsize banks gain advantages previously available only to the largest financial institutions.
14 May 2012

Catalina Marketing Video ... Catalina Marketing Stays Ahead of the Curve with IBM Netezza

Catalina Marketing's VP of Business Intelligence Solutions explains how the company is staying ahead of the curve by implementing a high-performance predictive analytics solution based on IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances.
03 May 2012

Elie Tahari combines fashion savvy with powerful analytics ... Harnessing predictive technologies to match production with customer demand

To enhance decision-making and keep pace with customer demand, Elie Tahari needed faster access to more actionable information – not only about current production and inventory, but also about future demand. Elie Tahari used a suite of business analytics software from IBM t...
03 May 2012

Barnes & Noble ... Helping suppliers track sales and inventory in real time

Barnes & Noble provides suppliers a view of their inventory as never seen before when it implements a new business intelligence portal on the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance.
01 May 2012

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