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Centerstone Research Institute embraces artificial intelligence for clinical decision-making ... Finding new ways to reduce the cost of care and improve patient outcomes with Big Data analytics

CRI is building a national data warehouse that helps mental health organizations share information and develop new techniques – for example, using artificial intelligence to support clinical decision-making.
31 May 2013

Vantiv delivers ultra-secure, lightning-speed payment processing ... Cutting latency and costs with Smarter Computing best practices from IBM

Vantiv, the leading payments processor in the US, moved all encryption workloads on external appliances to an IBM Crypto Express3 coprocessor deployed within its existing IBM zEnterprise 196 environment. Drastically cutting latency, the solution delivers higher processing sp...
28 May 2013

IBM Business Analytics SPSS: Santam Insurance ... A detailed ROI Case Study

Santam Insurance uses IBM SPSS Analytic Decision Management to accelerate 50 percent of processing claims, and savings equivalent to the cost of 30 external assessors.
28 May 2013

Oberbank improves business results with faster analysis

Oberbank has built an optimised data warehouse solution using IBM® InfoSphere® Warehouse. IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence provides revolutionary reporting features, helping to make decisions that lead to better business results.
27 May 2013

Fiserv - Smarter Computing Video

In order to determine how to leverage predictive insights in the solutions that they offer to their clients, Fiserv implemented an IBM SPSS and Smarter Computing solution.
14 May 2013

Sicoob avoids USD 1.5 million in annual costs with IBM ... Supporting rapid business growth with robust, secure and efficient mainframe technology

Brazilian credit union system Sicoob virtualized its Intel processor-based servers to a virtualized Linux landscape on two IBM System z® 196 servers, and deployed IBM DB2®, IBM InfoSphere® DataStage® and IBM Cognos® software, avoiding USD 1.5 million in annual electricity co...
13 May 2013

Banca Carige unlocks the growth potential of big data ... Creating a secure and scalable platform for business analytics

Banca Carige implemented IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for its existing System z platform - enabling rapid query response times for over 1,000 users. The solution enables insights that inform the development of new products, services and strategies - helping to grow the busi...
07 May 2013

Security First Insurance deepens connection with policyholders ... IBM Content Analytics software builds bridge between social media posts and the claim process

Security First Insurance had mastered customer service through its call center and web portal but needed help with email and social media. Using IBM Enterprise Content Management software, the insurer enhances service to policyholders no matter which channels they use to get...
02 May 2013

TOP-TOY deploys advanced analytics to stay ahead of the game ... Cutting the business risk of over- and under-stocking, and optimising store layouts with help from IBM

TOP-TOY implemented IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence, helping the company to improve its inventory forecasting and align its orders to predicted customer demand several months in advance.
30 Apr 2013

Global Aerospace Manufacturer ... Empowers staff with fast access to critical information, saving USD36 million per year

Global Aerospace Manufacturer deploys a unified access application that provides 80,000 users with a single, secure, point of access to hundreds of data repositories through a web-based user interface powered by IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer.
25 Apr 2013

Growing Financial Services Firm ... Supports merger by providing secure access to information across 21 subsidiaries worldwide

Newly merged financial services firm deploys an Information Portal powered by IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer to integrate business applications and data repositories securely, standardize information governance policies, and leverage expertise to facilitate collaboration.
25 Apr 2013

Marist College makes the enterprise computing grade ... Supporting learning and research with leading IBM technology

To provide students and researchers with the latest in computing Marist upgraded to the IBM zEnterprise 114, configured with the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension. The hybrid platform delivers all the power and flexibility the college needs to support diverse research and ha...
25 Apr 2013

Esri ... Speeds innovation with IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System for Analytics

Esri decreases time to analyze data by over 98 percent to help organizations answer complex, data-intensive questions more quickly when it deploys its geographic information system solutions on IBM PureSystems offerings.
16 Apr 2013

IBM PureSystems - Clients Conquer Big Data Challenges with IBM PureData System

Big data is creating big challenges. Today's organizations require speed, continuous uptime, simplicity, built-in expertise, and integrated solutions. The IBM® PureData™ System, part of the IBM PureSystems™ family, can help organizations achieve insight on massive volumes of...
12 Apr 2013

CADMOS accelerates supercomputing storage with IBM ... Deploying an innovative IBM System x storage solution with enormous bandwidth

CADMOS deployed an innovative IBM GPFS Native RAID solution based on the IBM System x GPFS Storage Server to provide efficient, reliable, high-bandwidth scratch storage for its Blue Gene/Q supercomputer. The solution can re-build disks 20 times faster than a conventional RAI...
04 Apr 2013

Teikoku Databank, Ltd. ... Shortening the time to process billions of textual data items from several days to 30 minutes

Teikoku Databank incorporates big data into its corporate research by using IBM InfoSphere BigInsights on a server cluster.
31 Mar 2013

NCSU - IBM Smarter Computing Client Success Video

NCSU - IBM Smarter Computing Client Success Video
27 Mar 2013

NYSE Euronext ... Adapting to market changes with near-real-time insight into information

Working with IBM, NYSE Euronext reduced the time to run market surveillance algorithms by more than 99 percent - helping surveillance experts more quickly uncover questionable trading patterns.
25 Mar 2013

Qualcomm ... Deep analysis of business activity enables predictive insight into customer needs

Deep analysis in near real time of data gleaned from 12 major enterprise applications is delivering new predictive insights into the relationships between market demand, technology development, price and cost.
18 Mar 2013

Fletcher Allen Client Reference Video

Jeremy Fortune explains how Fletcher Allen has embraced analytics to improve their business performance.
15 Mar 2013

Mueller builds a customer-focused business ... Driving business transformation with IBM Business Analytics

By harnessing a suite of analytics technologies, Mueller is now able to measure and improve sales performance, create effective business plans and gain deep insight into patterns and trends in its data.
01 Mar 2013

Case Study: University of Southern California Annenberg Innovation Lab ... Gains insight into public sentiment with near-real-time analytics of social media streams

University of Southern California Annenberg Innovation Lab's sentiment-analytics project uses IBM big data solutions to help organizations see changes in public sentiment in near-real time.
25 Feb 2013

Brocade ... Accelerates big data analytics with IBM

Through the delivery of solutions based on IBM and Brocade technologies, companies are gaining a cost-effective, scalable and high-performance big data platform to help uncover new business opportunities.
25 Feb 2013

Redcats Group extends predictive analytics to all of its 17 brands

Redcats Group wanted to provide its brands with a common, user-friendly predictive analytics tool that would be able to operate in a Big Data environment and help them optimise their marketing strategies.
13 Feb 2013

BNSF Railway, Inc. Client Reference Video

With IBM DB2 pureScale software, BNSF Railway is gaining reliability and capacity for its data driven services. IBM’s PureData for transactions has a potential to help customers implement IBM DB2 PureScale much quicker, much faster than what they currently can deploy today b...
07 Feb 2013

Pharmaceutical Leader ... Provides a secure single access point to huge volumes of data for 30,000 global employees

Pharmaceutical leader deploys IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer to achieve greater transparency, agility and productivity throughout its global enterprise. Fast, secure access to huge volumes of customer, patient and research data saves millions of dollars yearly.
31 Jan 2013

Leading Insurance Provider Call Center ... Enables 14,000 agents with a single view of customer and product data and reduces costs

Leading insurance company deploys IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer to provide call center agents with quick, fluid access to all customer and product information in a single unified view from one access point. Solution improves productivity, saving millions of dollars annually.
31 Jan 2013

Market6 Client Reference Video

Brian Stankovic, vice president of business development for Market6 discusses PureData System for Analytics.
08 Jan 2013

Premier Healthcare Alliance Client Reference Video

Todd Wilkes VP for Enterprise Solution Development for the Premier Healthcare Alliance talks about how PureData System for Analytics helps improve overall patient care.
08 Jan 2013

Brightlight Consulting Client Reference Video

David Birmingham discusses how Brightlight's clients are using the new PureData System to tackle Big Data in the retail industry
08 Jan 2013

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