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Equifax builds highly sophisticated consumer risk scoring solutions ... Combining multiple risk scores across large, diverse data-sets to help clients predict customer behavior

Equifax, one of the world’s leading credit bureaus, saw an opportunity to provide its clients in the telecommunications, utilities and financial services industries with even more accurate insight into consumer behavior by utilizing multiple data sources and combining multip...
27 Sep 2012

Insurance Bureau of Canada ... Outsmarting fraudsters with fraud analytics

Insurance organization wanted to determine whether it could identify suspicious claims faster by using technology. IBM performed a POC using IBM Smarter Analytics software that demonstrated the positive impact that technology can play in quickly finding suspect claims.
26 Sep 2012

A crystal clear picture of the customer ... CEWE COLOR increases customer profitability with forecasting analyses

CEWE COLOR AG & Co. OHG needed a deeper insight into customer data and market demand. With its data mining solution — IBM® SPSS® Modeler — the company can compile shopping cart analyses and detailed forecasting models that report on the preferences of customers and their lik...
24 Aug 2012

Edith Cowan University looks into the future ... Planning ahead for student load and boosting student retention through predictive analytics

ECU commenced building a comprehensive data warehouse and deployed a suite of IBM Business Analytics software to support reporting, operational planning, and sophisticated predictive analysis. Support was provided by IBM Business Analytics Software Services and IBM Business ...
31 Jul 2012

Open Universities Australia supports growth through business intelligence

IBM Business Partner Certus Solutions and Open Universities Australia designed and implemented a new analysis and reporting solution based on IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence, IBM Cognos TM1® and IBM SPSS® Modeler to enable better, faster decision-making and to enhance prod...
16 Jul 2012

Redcats Group extends predictive analytics to all its brands

The company created a solution that enabled it to exploit its colossal customer database using IBM SPSS® Modeler software.
25 Jun 2012

Elie Tahari combines fashion savvy with powerful analytics ... Harnessing predictive technologies to match production with customer demand

To enhance decision-making and keep pace with customer demand, Elie Tahari needed faster access to more actionable information – not only about current production and inventory, but also about future demand. Elie Tahari used a suite of business analytics software from IBM t...
03 May 2012

The City of Nuremberg counts on IBM SPSS ... Providing a solid foundation for decision-making in the public sector

IBM SPSS Statistics makes it possible to create an accurate data set for decision-making from the city’s available records. The software supports monitoring of important indicators, and helps target weak spots as well as identify recommendations for action.
04 Apr 2012

Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board attracts more tourists to Amsterdam ... Gaining insight into visitors’ behaviour and preferences using IBM predictive analytics

IBM® predictive analytics software allows ATCB to combine and analyse data from various sources in order to gain insight into tourist preferences, behaviour and satisfaction. In this way, ATCB is better able to gear its services and products to the tourists’ needs, and there...
02 Apr 2012

SKAT drives smarter tax collection with predictive modelling ... Assessing the behaviour of individual debtors and adjusting collection methods accordingly

SKAT is building a solution that uses IBM Business Analytics technologies to assess every debtor against a statistical model that predicts their probable payment behaviour. Based on the scores generated by the model, the debtors are sorted into different collection processin...
14 Mar 2012

AEGON Hungary improves insight into customer behaviour ... With intelligent analysis from IBM Business Analytics solutions

AEGON Hungary uses IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base and IBM SPSS Modeler to drive improved analysis of raw customer data. Company product developers use SPSS Statistics Base, while the data mining team also works with SPSS Modeler.
25 Jan 2012

OTP Bank maintains its market-leading position ... Driving better business decisions with IBM Business Analytics

OTP Bank uses IBM® SPSS® Modeler to reveal patterns and trends in data, taking advantage of the software’s outstanding modelling and scoring tools to provide managers with the information they need to capitalise on opportunities and mitigate risks.
25 Jan 2012

Vodafone Hungary deepens its business insight ... Leveraging predicative analytics to boost sales with help from IBM

Vodafone Hungary updated IBM® SPSS® Modeler and IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services. The total solution took six months to implement, with support from Hungarian SPSS Business Partner Clementine Consulting and international consultants from IBM.
25 Jan 2012

Gwinnett County gains award-winning insight into school performance ... With IBM Predictive Analytics solutions

GCPS deployed IBM® SPSS® Predictive Analytics software to provide insight into student and school performance, normalized to take into account the negative effects of indicators such as the proportion of economically disadvantaged students at a given school.
16 Jan 2012

Centerstone Research Institute ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series Video: Smarter clinical decisions help patients and performance

Nashville-based Centerstone is a top behavioral health services company Providing mental health and substance abuse treatment to 70,000 people per year In direct collaboration with the Centerstone Research Institute
01 Dec 2011

Centerstone Research Institute ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series Case Study: Smarter clinical decisions help patients and performance

Driven by a changing business landscape, Centerstone went on the offensive. Resolving to take advantage of the information it captures, Centerstone embedded intelligence into its clinical decisionmaking practices and made it more transparent.
30 Nov 2011

WAZ Media Group optimizes subscriber marketing

WAZ Media Group chose IBM® SPSS® Modeler and used its comprehensive functionality and high performance to provide sophisticated statistical tools for analysing large volumes of data, driving greater marketing efficiency and delivering lower costs.
17 Nov 2011

Fiserv Video ... Fiserv chooses IBM data warehousing and analytics technology, built on DB2

A leader in the financial services industry, Fiserv chooses IBM data warehousing and analytics technology, built on DB2 database software, to enable them to provide critical and dependable business insights to their 16,000 customers.
09 Nov 2011

Bureau Veritas optimises its inspection processes ... Streamlining customs and port procedure management with IBM SPSS and SMARTLane

Bureau Veritas implemented IBM® SPSS® Modeler. The software facilitates the manipulation of large, multi-format data volumes and the integration of information captured from SMARTLane checkpoint security systems.
07 Nov 2011

Medway Youth Trust keeps young people on course ... Using analytics to guide interventions that help young people remain in education, employment or training

Medway Youth Trust is using IBM predictive analytics solutions to identify young people who are at risk of dropping out of education, employment or training, and plan interventions to prevent them from becoming disengaged.
02 Nov 2011

Amadori launches interactive mini-sites ... With IBM Web Content Management and IBM Business Partner Tecla

With the help of IBM® Business Partner Tecla, Amadori used IBM Web Content Management to create and manage content for four product-based mini-sites. The sites have been integrated with Facebook and YouTube, enabling direct access to Amadori’s YouTube channel and Facebook pa...
28 Oct 2011

Hamilton County Department of Education ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series: Deeper student insights leave a deep impact

For Hamilton County, the essence of educational intelligence is insight through granularity. By leveraging analytics and advanced modeling tools, the county’s teachers, counselors and administrators have a better understanding of how adverse patterns develop and can now step...
27 Sep 2011

Hamilton County Department of Education ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series - Video

Hamilton County Department of Education: SMART IS… raising school graduation rates with data modeling. Interviewee: Kirk Kelly, Director of Accountability and Testing
27 Sep 2011

City of Lancaster takes a predictive approach to policing ... Enhancing operational planning with deep insight into crime data

The City implemented a solution that integrates data from the Sheriff’s Department and 911 emergency response systems, maps it geographically, and uses IBM® SPSS® Modeler to forecast the areas of the City that are likely to require the most policing over the forthcoming mont...
09 Sep 2011

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice gains deeper insight ... Analyzing the effectiveness of services and programs with IBM Business Analytics software

FDJJ uses IBM SPSS Statistics and SPSS Modeler to analyze delinquency at every level, from state-wide overviews down to the level of individual programs and even children. The SPSS solutions are capable of processing enormous amounts of data, covering every case of delinquen...
31 Aug 2011

PhotoBox integrates predictive technology in its corporate strategy

The challenge for PhotoBox is to use predictive analysis tools to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns as well as management of the investment policy.
06 Jul 2011

Ciudad Real Hospital ... A Spanish hospital is using predictive analytics to make significant improvements in the treatment of severe eating disorders

A hospital in Spain finds the key to earlier diagnosis and better treatment for eating disorders when it uses predictive statistical analysis based on IBM SPSS Statistics software
29 Jun 2011

Setting the best price ... Global manufacturer transforms pricing strategy and increases profitability using IBM SPSS Modeler

A global manufacturer of equipment implemented IBM® SPSS® Modeler to accurately and efficiently sort and analyze information about sales of millions of customized products to determine optimal pricing across multiple markets.
21 Jun 2011

DekaBank improves individual customer contacts ... Marketing mutual funds more effectively with predictive analytics

DekaBank wanted to make their campaign offer more attractive to their exclusive sales partners, the savings banks, and they knew there is an enormous potential for this in their collected data. The bank uses IBM® SPSS® Modeler to optimize and simplify the campaign process.
15 Jun 2011

Laboratorios Indas grows pharmacy sales by 37 percent ... Using IBM predictive analytics to analyse customer demand patterns and optimise sales processes

Laboratorios Indas has implemented a business intelligence solution that provides precise intelligence on where and how sales efforts should be focused in order to maximize profitability.
06 Jun 2011

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