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McKinley Children’s Center ... Delivering the right children’s services with IBM Big Data & Analytics solution improves outcomes

Working with IBM and Data41, McKinley Children’s Center launched an innovative big data and analytics initiative to help staff pinpoint the variables that impact each child’s success and identify the right combination of programs to improve outcomes.
29 Jan 2014

Hamilton County Department of Education ... Helping teachers and counselors focus on at-risk students increases graduation rates

Hamilton County Department of Education is helping teachers and counselors focus on at-risk students increases graduation rates
24 Jul 2013

AEGON Hungary Composite Insurance Co. Ltd. ... Analyzes thousands of data points to predict the needs of existing customers, increasing new policies by 3 percent

Analyzes thousands of data points to predict the needs of existing customers, increasing new policies by 3 percent
18 Mar 2013

Bavarian University of Applied Sciences ... Optimising education quality with IBM predictive analytics software

For several years, the university has been using predictive analytics software from IBM to create a huge number of regular online surveys. The software allows the university to quickly and easily create and evaluate thousands of questionnaires every year.
27 Apr 2012

AEGON Hungary improves insight into customer behaviour ... With intelligent analysis from IBM Business Analytics solutions

AEGON Hungary uses IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base and IBM SPSS Modeler to drive improved analysis of raw customer data. Company product developers use SPSS Statistics Base, while the data mining team also works with SPSS Modeler.
25 Jan 2012

Vodafone Hungary deepens its business insight ... Leveraging predicative analytics to boost sales with help from IBM

Vodafone Hungary updated IBM® SPSS® Modeler and IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services. The total solution took six months to implement, with support from Hungarian SPSS Business Partner Clementine Consulting and international consultants from IBM.
25 Jan 2012

Gwinnett County gains award-winning insight into school performance ... With IBM Predictive Analytics solutions

GCPS deployed IBM® SPSS® Predictive Analytics software to provide insight into student and school performance, normalized to take into account the negative effects of indicators such as the proportion of economically disadvantaged students at a given school.
16 Jan 2012

Metro Spinal Clinic supports ground-breaking research ... Using online questionnaires to increase insight into patients’ conditions and boost follow-up rates

Clinical Intelligence, an organisation founded by clinical specialists from Metro Spinal Clinic and IT professionals, developed a new online questionnaire using IBM® SPSS® Data Collection Web Interviews software.
06 Dec 2011

Hamilton County Department of Education ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series: Deeper student insights leave a deep impact

For Hamilton County, the essence of educational intelligence is insight through granularity. By leveraging analytics and advanced modeling tools, the county’s teachers, counselors and administrators have a better understanding of how adverse patterns develop and can now step...
27 Sep 2011

Hamilton County Department of Education ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series - Video

Hamilton County Department of Education: SMART IS… raising school graduation rates with data modeling. Interviewee: Kirk Kelly, Director of Accountability and Testing
27 Sep 2011

Socio Logiciels stays competitive ... The research firm includes IBM SPSS software in its value chain

IBM SPSS statistical software, including IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys, enabled the firm to provide this high-end analysis to stay competitive.
06 Jul 2011

Significant uses IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics in research and analysis to help offer the best possible advice to clients

Using IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics software enables Significant to undertake top-quality research on a large scale and provide consultancy at the highest level. It does so efficiently and accurately, with results based on empirical criteria.
05 Jul 2011

Ciudad Real Hospital ... A Spanish hospital is using predictive analytics to make significant improvements in the treatment of severe eating disorders

A hospital in Spain finds the key to earlier diagnosis and better treatment for eating disorders when it uses predictive statistical analysis based on IBM SPSS Statistics software
29 Jun 2011

Using SPSS with Masters Degree Courses and Theses ... IAE has been using IBM SPSS solutions for around fifteen years to support its educational and research missions

IAE needed a teaching tool for statistics courses and a research tool for strategy, HR, finance and marketing applications. IAE lecturers, students and researchers all use IBM® SPSS® Statistics to analyze survey results.
22 Jun 2011

Homemade organisational culture at Rudolf Ölz ... IBM SPSS provides detailed insights into employees’ needs

Thanks to IBM® SPSS®, Rudolf Ölz Meisterbäcker GmbH is able to filter its employee surveys by specified variables, create histograms and frequency tables, and perform statistical analyses.
16 Jun 2011

DekaBank improves individual customer contacts ... Marketing mutual funds more effectively with predictive analytics

DekaBank wanted to make their campaign offer more attractive to their exclusive sales partners, the savings banks, and they knew there is an enormous potential for this in their collected data. The bank uses IBM® SPSS® Modeler to optimize and simplify the campaign process.
15 Jun 2011

Chantal Sellier Consulting ... Marketing segmentation on a human scale

IBM® SPSS® Statistics was selected for its ease of use and resilience, as well as for the company’s reputation and personalized customer support.
15 Jun 2011

IBM SPSS software helps agency provide services for job seekers and people in need of support ... Employment and Social Services Agency optimizes support for the long-term unemployed

The Employment and Social Services Agency in Wiesbaden needed to generate detailed internal reports, as well as reports to its funders and the public. The Wiesbaden Agency chose IBM® SPSS® Statistics software for statistical data analysis.
15 Jun 2011

Analytics prove lifeblood of product quality ... IBM SPSS software helps LifeScan gain more insight into manufacturing data to improve product quality

LifeScan is using analytics software from IBM SPSS to continually assess product quality throughout the manufacturing process.
10 Jun 2011

Criminalistic Criminological Research Center investigates repeat and serious offenders using IBM SPSS Statistics ... The Hessian Police Criminalistic-Criminological Research Center

The Hessian Police Criminalistic-Criminological Research Center investigates the conditions and the nature of indictable offenses and crime, with a particular focus on studying serious and repeat offenders. They use IBM SPSS Statistics – cluster analysis to identify repeat o...
11 May 2011

The City of Mannheim explores new avenues in education policy ... Education monitoring: IBM SPSS Statistics is helping to make education transparent and controllable

To process, standardise, analyse and prepare large and heterogeneous volumes of data, since February 2010 the Education Department has been using the software package IBM SPSS Statistics.
05 May 2011

AZ Direct ... At AZ Direct, IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics is helping to boost the success of marketing campaigns

On behalf of its customers, AZ Direct’s data mining services analyse and evaluate customer address data. To deal with growing databases and increasingly complex application structures, AZ Direct was looking for a complete, standardised, fast and methodical solution.
29 Apr 2011

Ciudad Real Hospital ... Using predictive analysis to treat mental illness

The hospital needed to identify good and bad prognosis factors in long-term monitoring of patients being treated for eating disorders. The key to achieving effectiveness in the crossing and processing of statistical data is to use a predictive analytics solution.
28 Apr 2011

Veterinary charity demonstrates model behavior in fundraising ... IBM SPSS predictive analytics helped PDSA identify and target ideal supporters for legacy finance

A leading veterinary charity sought better tools to improve its collection and analysis of feedback, enabling it to measure the impact of its services and make evidence-based decisions. PDSA chose IBM SPSS software because it would be used by marketers – and it was more user...
28 Apr 2011

Measuring the Impact of Social Media ... United Stationers uses IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics to track success of social media initiatives

The company uses IBM SPSS Statistics to analyze, correlate, and interpret data from these pilot programs, making it possible to leverage results for improved internal communications and enhanced business outcomes.
06 Apr 2011


Nucleus Research examined the use of IBM Business Analytics at First Tennessee Bank in order to identify the benefits of applying predictive analytics to marketing campaigns.
25 Mar 2011

Will you buy a car today? ... IBM SPSS Statistics helps Fiat identify the most likely customers and prospects

IBM SPSS helps Fiat identify specific targets making it possible for dealers to allocate their marketing budgets in the most efficient manner. Secondly, they survey customers and analyze this data with IBM SPSS to provide valuable insight into the level of customer satisfac...
19 Dec 2010

Bayer Schering Pharma ... Global pharmaceuticals maker analyzes data with predictive analytics

One crucial factor that distinguishes Global Market Research at Bayer Schering Pharma from other market research departments in the sector is the fact that the statistical analysis of the data collected to answer these questions is not completely left to external market res...
05 Oct 2010

Empowering school districts to assess and improve performance

The combination of IBM SPSS Statistics, Text Analytics for Surveys and Modeler substantially shortens the completion timeframe for most projects, often by several weeks. Such efficiencies could never be achieved without the power of Predictive Analytics.
30 Jul 2010

Medister for Dinner Again? ... FDB gains new insight into Danish eating habits with IBM® SPSS® Text Analytics for Surveys

FDB needed a way to parse and categorize huge volumes of unstructured data from its ongoing survey of Danish food consumption patterns, which already includes information on 300,000 meals from a representative sample of the population.
29 Jul 2010


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