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Jaguar Land Rover cuts software validation time by up to 90 percent ... IBM Rational software helps manage near-real-time requirements updates for its developers worldwide

Jaguar Land Rover implements a suite of IBM Rational software to create a new requirements management and modeling system, reducing software validation time by up to 90 percent and cutting bug-cause detection time by up to 90 percent.
21 Feb 2013

STM produces design documents in weeks rather than months ... IBM Rational software ends platform dependencies and accelerates systems development

STM implements IBM Rational ClearCase, IBM Rational ClearQuest, IBM Rational DOORS and IBM Rational Rhapsody software, eliminating platform dependencies and enabling the company to deliver 400- to 500-page design documents in a few weeks, versus the three months required pre...
28 Sep 2012

Intel Assessoria, Consultoria e Instalações Técnicas

A military contractor gains the ability to meet rigorous safety requirements and create a better product when it introduces a model-driven development approach to designing a satellite and ground-control navigation system.
25 Jun 2012

MBDA Missile Systems ... MBDA changes the game for product development by providing its transnational staff of missile systems engineers with advanced process modeling capabilities, allowing them to detect, share and resolve problems well before production.

A European defense company provides its transnational staff of missile systems developers and engineers with a common platform for modeling, testing, documenting and sharing highly complex designs and design protocols, with help of IBM Rational Doors and IBM Business Partner...
23 Mar 2012

Kyocera Mita Corporation (KMC) ... This global copier manufacturer implements a Model Driven Development process that allows reverse modeling and simulation, reducing development time and lowering costs by reducing development and production errors

A leading copier manufacture significantly reduces errors and delays in product development when implementing IBM Rational Rhapsody as part of the development process
25 May 2011

Increasing comfort, safety and security of automobiles ... Developing in-vehicle electronic systems with IBM Rational software

Continental Automotive Group wanted to establish an advanced platform for the development of automotive electronic systems. Continental deployed an integrated development environment leveraging model-driven systems development based on IBM Rational software solutions.
03 Mar 2011

Brockwell Technologies, Inc. ... Brockwell Technologies, Inc. is using predictive modeling to ensure it is developing error-free, higher-quality weapons systems

A provider of technology solutions for the defense industry based in the United States improves the time-to-market for its solutions by up to 40 percent and helps ensure software development that meets targeted design requirements when it implements IBM Rational Rhapsody sof...
31 Jan 2011

EWE AG Corporation ... Uses model-driven testing for real-time view of energy usage

The solution provides model-driven test functionality for the company’s embedded software and validation tests, allowing the company to achieve the creation of an interactive environment between the digital meters, company systems and the customer
30 Nov 2010

ALPS Electric Co., Ltd. ... Improved development process accelerates product life cycle

The automotive department of an electric company reduces development effort and cost and improves the time to market by incorporating IBM Rational Rhapsody and IBM Rational Statemate software solutions into the development process
27 Aug 2010

iPLON GmbH - Increasing the efficiency of embedded software development

A technology services provider in Germany handles more complex embedded software development, realizes cost and time savings, and improves developer productivity, quality and communication when it implements IBM Rational Rhapsody software
30 Apr 2010