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Federació Farmacèutica (FedeFarma) ... Gains 10 to 15 percent lift in sales and reduces hardware expenditures by 30 percent

A new ERP system based on IBM Informix database improved sales and strengthened customer loyalty while saving the company US$180,000 in salaries and 30 percent in hardware costs.
31 May 2013

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) ... Providing efficient access to Germany’s 2-PB archive of Earth observation images with IBM Informix

Germany’s Aerospace Center (DLR) needs a reliable, highly scalable database server to provide access to 2 PB of data in an archive of images while fulfilling long-term data preservation policies. With IBM Informix database, the agency has lost no data in more than 10 years.
30 Jan 2013

Myers ... Utilizes IBM Informix to provide a complete, worldclass and affordable solution

TV and radio broadcasters use software from Myers to manage day-to-day operations. The Myers solutions provide the database functionality customers need, without forcing them to hire a database administrator, by utilizing an IBM Informix database.
19 Dec 2012

Westfleisch e.G.

A meat processor in Germany accelerates data queries by 15 percent and creates a quality control system to track food production quality in its slaughterhouses when it engages IBM Business Partner CANCOM AG to implement IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition software
31 Oct 2012

Pronto strengthens its clients’ systems with flexible analytics ... Adding a new dimension to ERP with integrated reporting

Pronto Software embedded IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence into its Pronto Xi ERP solution and developed several packages of standard reports to help its clients get up and running quickly with the new analytics tools. Pronto also uses the combined solution internally to man...
04 Jul 2012

Doosan Infracore ... Achieving threefold business growth while boosting data accuracy by 40 percent

Doosan Infracore achieves threefold business growth while boosting data accuracy by 40 percent when it implements a highly customized ERP solution powered in part by Fitrix ERP from Fourth Generation Software and running on IBM Informix database technology.
20 Mar 2012

GreenIvory ... Fast performance and scalability deliver seven million web pages a day

GreenIvory needed a database that takes care of itself, never goes down and works consistently across multiple platforms. Its choice of IBM Informix to power its business has helped the company grow tenfold in four years.
14 Mar 2012

Superior Manufacturing gets set to wipe the floor with the competition ... Using instant sales data to guide business decision-making

Working with IBM Business Partner One Point Solutions, Superior Manufacturing Group implemented IBM® Cognos® Express and integrated it with in-house applications built on its long-established IBM Informix platform.
07 Dec 2011

McLEOD RUSSEL INDIA LIMITED ... Eliminating downtime in the tea trade with IBM Informix

McLEOD RUSSEL INDIA LIMITED needed to improve systems uptime across its 50-plus tea gardens to enable accurate tracking of harvest, production and marketing of up to 100 million kilos of tea per year. The company chose IBM Informix with High Availability Data Replication (HD...
09 Sep 2011

Cleartech ... Saves nearly US$1.8 million with IBM Informix 11.5

Cleartech saves nearly US$1.8 million when it works with IBM Business Partner MC Software to upgrade to IBM Informix 11.5.
27 Jun 2011

Coldset Printing Partners ... The IBM Informix TimeSeries solution helps company track usage trends and analyze data over time

The IBM Informix TimeSeries solution helps the company track usage trends and analyze data over time.
27 Jun 2011

National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE) ... Educational non-profit company enhances testing services with IBM Informix

IBM Informix database software computerized all processes for faster, more informed business decisions, and provided online transaction processing to replace paper-based processes.
21 Jun 2011

Proving the concept for smart metering data management ... IBM Research works with AMT-SYBEX to develop and test Smart DTS

Working with IBM Research at the Hursley Innovation Centre, AMT-SYBEX developed and tested Smart DTS, a smart meter management solution built on IBM Infomix technology. During a proof of concept, the team simulated a system that received and processed data from 10 million sm...
11 Mar 2011

RealPlus accelerates online real estate listings service ... Gains 20 percent performance improvement with IBM Informix 11.5

RealPlus has had a trouble-free 25-year history running its applications on Informix. Working with IBM Business Partners One Point Solutions and Unique Systems, RealPlus today uses Informix 11.5 for high performance, reliable and hassle-free delivery of its real estate servi...
10 Feb 2011

Croatian health ecology specialists and inspectors keep harmful microbes and chemicals at bay ... Pardus and IBM solution enhances the monitoring of thousands of food items, materials and water

Determining the health profiles of drinking water, waste water, meat, vegetables and other products headed for Croatian and European markets and being able to go back immediately to fix problems.
02 Feb 2011

Unique Express makes inroads to a smarter freight solution

Unique Express is widely recognised as one of Australia’s most efficient and technologically advanced transport management companies. Underpinning much of Unique’s efficiencies is the Omnix Transport Management Solution running on an IBM System x server and the IBM Informix®...
10 Jan 2011

University of Berlin boosts performance with IBM Informix

The Technical University of Berlin boosts system performance and availability with IBM Informix 11.5
10 Dec 2010

Egyptian Ministry of Interior halves cost of apps with EGL

As antiterrorism laws tightened, the Ministry of Interior of Egypt had to improve the information collection process and enhance responsiveness. By using Enterprise Generation Language (EGL), IBM Informix and other IBM middleware products, the team converted its legacy syste...
29 Oct 2010

IBM Informix reliability supports leading auto dealerships in Brazil

Dia System delivers reliable ERP and CRM systems for leading automotive dealerships in Brazil using IBM Informix and development tools from IBM Business Partner GeneXus.
31 Aug 2010

Famous Smoke Shop increases online presence and enhances security with IBM Informix

An IBM Informix user since 1994, Famous Smoke Shop upgraded to Informix 11.5 to gain the scalability and security necessary to support its 10 percent year-over-year growth in online sales since 2000 and to help staff protect customers’ credit card information.
30 Apr 2010

Hildebrand solves a key problem in smart metering research ... With IBM Informix technologies for time-series data management

Working with the software laboratory at IBM Hursley, Hildebrand ran several proofs-of-concept and created a solution based on IBM Informix technologies that has the potential to collect, store and analyse detailed energy usage information from millions of homes in real time.
29 Apr 2010

NetworkIP supports expansion with IBM Informix and System x

IBM Informix Dynamic Server 10 and 11.5 upgrade and migration to IBM System x hardware enabled increased efficiency, security, safety and cost savings
23 Dec 2009

Partnering for success - UK edition - Winter 2008

This compilation of case studies showcases IBM Business Partners and their customers in the UK speaking about their success with IBM software.
05 Jan 2009

Partnering for success - European edition - Autumn 2008

This compilation of case studies showcases IBM Business Partners and their customers in Europe speaking about their success with IBM software.
22 Sep 2008

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