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Camden Council ... Driving cost-effective services by gaining a single view of how the council engages with residents

Within just three months, Camden built a “residents’ index”, uniting information from multiple services to create a single, consistent view of residents across the borough and the council services that they are accessing.
14 Feb 2014

The Guardia Civil has improved the performance of several of its departments thanks to IBM SPSS software

The Guardia Civil, a law enforcement agecny in Spain, handles large amounts of information every day, which it has to analyze with care so that it can be used in different fields of application, such as investigating crimes and psychology.
14 Feb 2014

Kaifa captures new markets with innovative smart metering solutions ... Measuring up to customer demands by partnering with IBM and AMT-SYBEX

Kaifa entered into a three-way partnership with IBM and AMT-SYBEX, building an innovative and efficient smart metering solution based on Affinity Meterflow® and IBM® Informix® software.
13 Feb 2014

GKN Land System ... Business intelligence proactively manages supply chain performance

GKN Land System turns to business intelligence to improve data consistency and quality and proactively manages supply chain performance
10 Feb 2014

Dignity Health ... Decommissions applications using InfoSphere Optim to save millions of dollars annually

Using IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ software, Dignity Health initiated an enterprise-wide Decommissioning Program to retire costly applications and support test data management requirements.
03 Feb 2014

State of Minnesota ... Connecting millions of citizens to State government with intelligent data discovery tools from IBM

The State of Minnesota’s IT organization enriched its search engine with intelligent metadata discovery, generation and indexing from IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer – delivering relevant content from millions of government pages to citizens and helping its clients to avoid tho...
24 Jan 2014

Afni, Inc. ... Predictive analytics prioritizes the debts most likely to be paid for a more profitable business

Predictive analytics prioritizes the debts most likely to be paid to promote a more profitable business
24 Jan 2014

AGAPLESION gAG ... Integrates planning, reporting and analysis for 100 subsidiaries with a unified solution

IBM® Cognos® solutions enable AGAPLESION to merge all of its business units, and provide them with a centralized, web-based planning, reporting and analysis solution.
23 Jan 2014

Generali Deutschland Group ... Sellers drive new revenue and improve service with advanced segmentation analytics

Generali Deutschland Group drives new revenue and improves service with advanced segmentation analytics
14 Jan 2014

Lonza Group solves information and regulatory challenges with SAP and IBM

Global life sciences company Lonza constantly seeks to increase its business efficiency, looking for ways to reduce costs while increasing service capacity. Lonza highlighted database costs for its SAP applications as a critical issue, and chose to migrate from Oracle softwa...
13 Jan 2014

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