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RCI Banque España ... Boosting customer retention to raise sales and profitability with personalized marketing campaigns

Supported by IBM Global Business Services, RCI Banque España implemented Oracle solutions to help understand individual customer preferences and design meaningful, bespoke digital marketing campaigns to drive retention and reduce the threat of losing business to competitors....
24 Jan 2014

ULSS 20 Verona ... Improving quality of care with higher system availability and faster access to medical data

With IBM Flex System, ULSS 20 Verona can now develop the necessary applications to enable full digitalization of medical records – as requested by new, mandatory regulations. The high-performance and availability of IBM Flex System also allow the institution to provide alway...
06 Jan 2014

Samskip ... Transporting company growth to the next level by unleashing true scalability

Global logistics company Samskip succeeded in removing the barriers to growth by leveraging an IBM virtualization solution to transform utilization of resources and do more within the same budget, saving costs on Oracle licensing and storage.
12 Dec 2013

Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH ... Cutting energy costs by 30 percent with ultra-efficient IBM technology

To meet the escalating needs of rising customer numbers and remove barriers to growth, IT service provider Bundesrechenzentrum migrated business-critical SAP systems from Oracle servers to the IBM Power Systems platform, reducing the time taken to provision new servers from ...
10 Dec 2013
5. ... Estimates 7.2 TB of disk savings in three years with IBM database archiving solution

Working with IBM and Estuate, successfully managed 100 - 200 percent annual data growth in its Oracle E-Business Suite environment, delivering an estimated disk savings of 7.2 TB in three years while giving users seamless access to data in production and archiv...
09 Dec 2013

COCC innovates in banking services, improves user experience ... Enabled by enormous gains in I/O performance with IBM FlashSystem technology

To power a web-based core banking system for clients, COCC replaced disk storage with IBM FlashSystem, cutting online transaction times by 90 percent, reducing physical footprint by 75 percent and energy usage by 80 percent, and avoiding an estimated $500,000 of additional s...
06 Dec 2013

The Met Office forecasts a bright outlook for Linux on zEnterprise ... Saving software licensing and hardware lifecycle costs by consolidating applications and systems

The Met Office was using Oracle-based systems, mostly running on distributed Linux servers, to handle the post-processing of data from its weather supercomputer. By consolidating all of these distributed database systems to the IBM zEnterprise 196, Oracle licensing costs hav...
27 Nov 2013

Banrisul maintains market edge with highly scalable IBM technology

Brazilian bank Banrisul migrated business-critical Oracle databases from Intel processor-based servers to Linux virtual servers on IBM zEnterprise 196 servers, using Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) engines. The migration cut the number of CPUs required, while boosting pe...
22 Nov 2013

An online travel company ... Test data management solutions reduce database capacity requirements by 40 percent

An online travel company reduces the disk storage used for its Oracle E-Business Suite modules by approximately 40 percent, and slashes data management costs when it implements IBM Optim Test Data Management Solution for Oracle E-Business Suite software to improve test data ...
01 Nov 2013

IVZ gives business a boost with fourfold performance increase ... Cloud platform pays off within six months and reduces floorspace

Informations-Verarbeitungs-Zentrum (IVZ) risked loss of business as it struggled to deliver the performance its broadcasting customers needed. Working with IBM Business Partner PROFI Engineering Systems, IVZ implemented IBM Flex System to increase flexibility and boost appli...
25 Oct 2013