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IKEA IT AB ... Integrated solution helps improve maintenance to help rein in costs and keep customer satisfaction high

Integrated solution helps improve maintenance to help rein in costs and keep customer satisfaction high
13 Dec 2013

Cosmo Lady Industrial Co., Ltd. ... Advanced analytics used to predict optimal product mixes and quantities to boost sales and reduce costs

Applies advanced analytics to predict optimal product mixes and quantities to boost sales and reduce costs
25 Nov 2013

Dahl Sverige AB ... Online buyers engaged and sales increased with a new mobile app and customized offers

Dahl Sverige AB online buyers engaged and sales increased with a new mobile app and customized offers
12 Nov 2013

A grocery retailer ... IBM WebSphere messaging backbone quickly delivers transaction data to a central hub

This grocery retailer moves 50 million messages move between stores and corporate headquarters each day. With IBM WebSphere MQ and IBM Integration Bus (formerly known as IBM WebSphere Message Broker) software, the company reduced the time transaction data takes to reach the ...
18 Jul 2013

A hardware retailer builds an enterprise platform ... IBM Premier Business Partner Prolifics implements IBM WebSphere software solution

A hardware retailer works with IBM Premier Business Partner Prolifics to upgrade its IBM WebSphere software and help the business establish a platform to support future growth.
23 May 2013

Hong Kong Department Stores

Hong Kong Department Stores uses sophisticated web analytics to understand what customers buy and why—leveraging new insights to develop targeted marketing campaigns.
12 Nov 2012

J. J. Keller and Associates, Inc.

A leading provider of risk and regulatory management solutions reinvents B2B e-commerce by using new online behavior insights to offer customers precisely what they need when they need it, resulting in higher conversion rates.
12 Nov 2012


This Italian retail giant uses a price optimization solution to analyze its own and market data to simulate pricing and demand changes, automating and optimizing its retail price-setting process, helping improve its response time to competitors’ pricing by over 80 percent wh...
04 Oct 2012

Kemofarmacija d.d.

Kemofarmacija uses precision marketing to seize cross-selling opportunities and increase customer spend per visit through personalized marketing campaigns.
01 Oct 2012

Apotek 1 adapts to Norway’s evolving pharmacy market ... Harnessing a Smarter Commerce strategy for seamless and consistent customer service

Apotek 1 worked with IBM and Theilgaard Mortensen to follow a Smarter Commerce strategy by building a seamless online experience that integrates sales and marketing. The new website guides customers with professional healthcare advice and enables them to purchase over-the-co...
22 Jun 2012

Elie Tahari combines fashion savvy with powerful analytics ... Harnessing predictive technologies to match production with customer demand

To enhance decision-making and keep pace with customer demand, Elie Tahari needed faster access to more actionable information – not only about current production and inventory, but also about future demand. Elie Tahari used a suite of business analytics software from IBM t...
03 May 2012

ZSL Inc. ... IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration cuts 24-hour reporting delay to near-real time

A high-end shoe retailer needed to integrate three cloud service databases to get a unified view of its customers and their orders.IBM Premier Business Partner ZSL Inc.used IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration to integrate the three databases with a simple, “no-coding”a...
26 Apr 2012

Large Brazilian durable goods retailer ... Streamlining compensation program with IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules BRMS

The company’s business-critical incentive compensation system was 15 years old, inflexible and burdensome to support with very little documentation. IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules BRMS helped create a flexible, easy-to-manage system that is more usable.
26 Jan 2012

An automotive consumer website improves collaboration to engage dealers

An automotive consumer website improves collaboration to engage dealers, while consumers also get a unique online experience with IBM social business software
28 Dec 2011

Staples ... IBM WebSphere Commerce software and IBM POWER7 servers improve performance

Staples wanted to improve the customer’s online experience relative to performance, reduce TCO and increase the flexibility of the infrastructure for more nimble future releases. Staples turned to IBM and IBM Global Services for a new release of Staples.com on IBM WebSphere ...
31 Oct 2011

OfficeMax ... An office products retailer employs a powerful business-to-business solution that allows it to gain customers it previously could not reach and improve services for existing ones

A major office supply retailer increases revenue, reduces order-placing processing costs and boosts market share by 10 percent when it engages IBM Business Partner Grupo Assa to implement an information management and e-commerce technology solution using IBM Cognos V8.0 and ...
01 Apr 2011

Conad del Tirreno ... Smarter pricing strategy improves retail margins, competitiveness

Large Italian retailer improves sales margins and revenue when IBM Global Business Services implements a Price Optimization solution from IBM Business Partner DemanTec that uses predictive modeling of customer behavior to help the retailer find the ideal prices for its cons...
30 Aug 2010

macys.com: Focusing on each customer as the brand goes national

Macy’s is laying the groundwork for customized content arbitration as well as more granular pricing and market strategies that increase margin.
30 Aug 2010

Major Grocer Upgrades HR Processes

This major grocer needed a better way of empowering local managers to own more of the process while still maintaining corporate standards and policies. They turned to Lombardi Teamworks BPM to help them extend their processes out to the local stores and to efficiently manage...
19 Apr 2010

A Large Canadian Chain achieves a six-month payback with the implementation of IBM solution

A Large Canadian Chain uses business process management to identify high-level business objects and detailed work steps as well as teams and people, bringing people and processes together
31 Mar 2010

Slumberland speeds communication between stores and headquarters with IBM WebSphere Portal Enable and IBM Lotus Web Content Management

A furniture store chain in the United States simplifies and speeds communication among its stores and headquarters when it implements IBM Lotus Sametime instant messaging software and builds an intranet portal on IBM WebSphere Portal Enable and IBM Workplace Web Content Mana...
04 Dec 2009

Marketec Targeted Solutions offers retail customers an intelligent couponing solution with help from IBM

With help from IBM, Marketec created a robust intelligent couponing solution that reads a retail customer’s purchases at checkout and prints coupons based on what the customer buys.
15 Sep 2009

B&Q China creates opportunities to build sales with SAP and IBM

B&Q China selected IBM Global Business Services to design and implement a solution that would capture the sales opportunities, help to increase revenues, and provide the missing information for the management team. B&Q China implemented SAP Customer Relationship Management o...
26 Aug 2009

Estravel builds an integrated business system with IBM WebSphere and DB2

Eliori Äritarkvara, an IBM Advanced level Business Partner, helped Estravel create a new browser-based business system, running on IBM WebSphere Application Server Express and an IBM DB2 Workgroup database. The new platform is built on open standards, making it easy to devel...
16 Apr 2009

1-800-FLOWERS.COM: Creating an e-commerce platform for the future

1-800-FLOWERS.COM teamed with IBM to implement IBM WebSphere Commerce for two of its gift food brands as an initial proof of concept for the platform. Using knowledge gained from this first rollout, the company will take a greater role in transitioning most of its other bran...
19 Jan 2009

Partnering for success - European edition - Autumn 2008

This compilation of case studies showcases IBM Business Partners and their customers in Europe speaking about their success with IBM software.
22 Sep 2008

Moosejaw Mountaineering reaches new heights of customer engagement through social commerce

Moosejaw sought to make its site the go-to destination for young, hip students and for hard-core outdoor enthusiasts by embedding rich community features into its online commerce experience, becoming one of the first outdoor-adventure retailers to make multichannel “social c...
01 Sep 2008

Yansha department store embraces supplier collaboration to streamline processes

Yansha deployed a first-of-its-kind supply chain management (SCM) platform that leverages a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to integrate enterprise resource planning (ERP) and SCM applications.
29 Nov 2007

Pay By Touch: Revolutionizing retail through biometrics

Pay By Touch implemented a service-oriented architecture that helps the company integrate the diverse systems of companies that it acquires while remaining highly scalable to accommodate strong customer growth.
15 Mar 2007

The Warehouse picks IBM in RFID trial that puts customers first.

In the trial, cases of product had RFID tags attached to them, allowing them to be located on a shelf top using RFID readers. As part of this trial, the solution provided a real-time view of where stock was in-store. IBM applied its RFID consulting expertise to develop this ...
09 Jan 2007