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A DevOps approach speeds IBM Watson solutions to market ... Transforming constant change into continuous innovation and continuous value creation

To develop client solutions based on the IBM® Watson™ cognitive computing platform, IBM uses a DevOps approach, including IBM® Rational® software, to support continuous delivery of complex new releases. As a result, the IBM Watson teams are moving from 9-week to 3-week sprin...
23 Oct 2013

JN Data gets the early-adopter advantage for its growing business ... Using advanced automation and new functionality in DB2 11 for z/OS to provide outstanding service

JN Data joined the IBM Early Support Program for DB2 11 for z/OS, taking immediate advantage of new technical functionality to increase system administrator productivity and enable greater throughput using existing processor resources.
27 Sep 2013

An IT company increases throughput by 30 percent ... IBM WebSphere software provides a scalable, reliable platform for the organization’s exchange system

The company implements IBM® WebSphere® Application Server software to support its exchange application, resulting in a 30 percent increase in through and reduced CPU utilization.
26 Sep 2013

EVRY ... Enabling financial services clients to meet growing demand for credit and debit card transactions

To maintain its position as a leading provider of managed services to large financial services companies in Norway, EVRY replaced its existing mainframes with three IBM zEnterprise EC12 servers - enabling it to meet ten percent yearly growth in transaction volumes.
19 Sep 2013

DATANET dials up for expansion ... Capitalizing on new business opportunities with IBM Flex System

By consolidating its big data analytics platform from Fujitsu-Siemens and HP servers onto the IBM Flex System, DATANET gained the scalability to serve a growing client base without dropping service levels, enabling the provision of new services 75 percent faster and cutting ...
17 Sep 2013

IBM makes strides to automate its tax and statutory reporting with AER Solution

Utilizing the AER Solution platform to provide consistency and automation to the reporting processes
28 Aug 2013

SugarCRM ... Enables deployment of CRM application 200 times faster with IBM PureApplication System

SugarCRM enables companies to quickly and easily deploy its market-leading customer relationship management application in just a matter of minutes with the IBM PureApplication System.
16 Aug 2013

Genus Technologies LLC helps one customer save USD1 million annually

Genus Technologies LLC sought a solution that could store, manage, organize and deliver digital assets. The company created Genus Media Upshot software to work with IBM Enterprise Content Management offerings. This solution saves one customer more than USD1 million annually.
14 Aug 2013

ZSL client reference video

Using IBM® Worklight software, ZSL can use a single code base to support multiple mobile platforms, making it easier to develop and upgrade its mobile banking and insurance applications.
10 Aug 2013

IBM Business Partner Trilog Group socializes project management ... ProjExec solution uses IBM Connections software to help speed project timeframes and reduce costs

Trilog Group partnered with IBM and created ProjExec® software, built within IBM® Connections software.
09 Aug 2013

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