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Medical University of South Carolina - IBM Client Reference Video

Medical University of South Carolina implemented IBM System x3850 X5 and IBM BladeCenter HX5 servers across multiple clinical environments, eliminating a clinical and financial transaction backlog and supporting better patient care while reducing costs.
29 Aug 2012

University of Oklahoma provides storage for academic research ... With a high-capacity, cost-effective archiving solution from IBM

The University of Oklahoma needed a high-capacity storage solution to support academic research projects and the immense amounts of accompanying data, including projects producing terabytes of data per day. The university selected an IBM solution that was both cost-effective...
10 Aug 2012

Edith Cowan University looks into the future ... Planning ahead for student load and boosting student retention through predictive analytics

ECU commenced building a comprehensive data warehouse and deployed a suite of IBM Business Analytics software to support reporting, operational planning, and sophisticated predictive analysis. Support was provided by IBM Business Analytics Software Services and IBM Business ...
31 Jul 2012

University of Leipzig accelerates medical research with IBM ... Advanced storage from IBM for improved research capabilities

The University of Leipzig deployed an IBM Storwize V7000 storage system to provide high-performance storage for infrastructure services and complex research workloads. The institute cut data loading processes by more than 60 percent, and the storage footprint by 25 percent.
09 Apr 2012

MASSIVE sheds new light on complex research ... Delivering faster data analysis and visualization from hybrid architecture

The Multi-modal Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualization Environment (MASSIVE) comprises two IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 clusters with both CPUs and GPUs. The solution enables real-time previews and analysis of imaging data.
02 Apr 2012

Melbourne University and IBM fast-track health research ... Studying human disease with the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer series

The University of Melbourne deployed an IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer, an IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer and an IBM System x iDataPlex, as well as providing key personnel to help Victorian researchers.
30 Mar 2012

Cardinal Research Cluster takes flight at University of Louisville ... With a high-performance IBM System x iDataPlex solution

The University of Louisville implemented an IBM System x iDataPlex solution to power a diverse array of high-performance computing workloads ranging from cancer research to the development of new solar cell technology.
28 Mar 2012

McGill University expanding the frontiers of science ... With an IBM iDataPlex and QLogic solution

McGill University implemented IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 servers as the foundation of a flexible, scalable high-performance computing facility serving researchers across Canada.
20 Mar 2012

Fairleigh Dickinson University makes the grade with IBM System x

This case study shows how Fairleigh Dickinson University worked with IBM to deploy three IBM System x servers featuring Intel Xeon multicore processors to enable a robust new data center with virtualization and disaster recovery capabilities.
23 Feb 2012

The University of Bonn boosts genetics research ... With a high-performance cluster computing solution from IBM

Deployed a new Linux cluster on IBM BladeCenter® with LS42 and HS22 servers; implemented IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS™), two IBM System Storage® DS3400 disk arrays and an IBM System Storage DCS3700.
09 Feb 2012

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