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IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator helps Swiss Mobiliar run queries 100x faster

Swiss Mobiliar deployed IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS alongside its IBM zEnterprise 196 server - enabling it to run growing transaction and analytics workloads side by side with no increase in compute resources.
19 Feb 2014

Allianz Group ... Achieving cultural change through leadership and engagement at Allianz Group

Allianz Group gains better understanding of employee motivation and opinions when it chooses and also how they feel about working for Allianz.
19 Feb 2014

Generali Deutschland Group ... Sellers drive new revenue and improve service with advanced segmentation analytics

Generali Deutschland Group drives new revenue and improves service with advanced segmentation analytics
14 Jan 2014

Octagon improves conversion with optimized customer experience ... IBM Tealeaf CEM solutions quickly helps identify struggles and prevent additional revenue loss from previously unidentified errors

Octagon Insurance began using IBM Tealeaf CEM solutions to understand exactly what problems with their online experience were causing customers to abandon their policies before completion.
03 Jan 2014

Wesfarmers Insurance accelerates business planning ... Increasing trust with a single enterprise-wide budgeting and forecasting model

Wesfarmers Insurance worked with Cornerstone to implement an enterprise planning and forecasting capability using IBM® Cognos® TM1® software, enabling consistent planning and budgeting processes across the group.
23 Dec 2013

A major US insurance company improves online insurance fraud detection ... IBM i2 software helps recognize repeatable patterns to prevent insurance fraud

A major US insurance company needed to quickly pinpoint fraud and strengthen prevention. By implementing IBM i2 software, it better detects links from multiple sourced data and rapidly discovers repeatable patterns to identify fraudulent claims and save the company and its c...
18 Dec 2013

Financial Insurance Management Corp. customer reference video

An insurance program developer in the United States increases its renewal rate by 30 percent and boosts revenue when it engages IBM Premier Business Partner PointSource, LLC to design a mobile application for customers using IBM Rational Test Workbench and IBM Worklight soft...
18 Dec 2013

A life insurance company boosts productivity 1,600 percent ... Releases a new line 11 months early with DevOps approach and agile methodology

A life insurance company transforms its organization from 100 percent waterfall development to 75 percent agile development, and leverages a DevOps approach to increase productivity by 1,600 percent.
18 Dec 2013

Adamjee Insurance Co. Ltd. ... Analytics solution gives near-complete visibility into customer and financial data, increasing profits

Adamjee Insurance Co. Ltd. uses analytics solution to give near-complete visibility into customer and financial data, increasing profits
04 Dec 2013

ERGO Latvia ... Gains actionable information in minutes to strengthen security and compliance

Working with IBM Business Partner Data Security Solutions and IBM, ERGO Latvia has tightened security, reduced compliance reporting times by 99 percent, and decreased time to respond to security and IT incidents by 99 percent.
05 Nov 2013