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Electricity Supply Board ... Optimization algorithms minimize the impact of electric vehicle charging on grid congestion

Electricity Supply Board relies on optimization algorithms to minimize the impact of electric vehicle charging on grid congestion
05 Feb 2014

Oncor transforms a data challenge into an information opportunity ... Using virtualized storage to manage information assets

Massive growth in data volumes created by the switch to advanced digital metering compromised Oncor's legacy storage solution. Nine IBM® XIV® Storage System units form a flexible and highly available architecture to secure smar t metering data, the company's most valuable as...
16 Dec 2013

A power grid company advances renewable energy use ... Advanced weather forecasting helps predict resource availability

To effectively integrate unpredictable wind and solar energy into the power grid, this utility sought a way to reliably forecast weather patterns. The company collaborated with IBM® to develop an advanced analytics solution to maximize the aggregation of renewable energy to ...
03 Dec 2013

An integrated energy company reduces endpoint patch times by 86 percent ... IBM Endpoint Manager software manages thousands of endpoints across 24 time zones

The company implemented IBM® Endpoint Manager software to monitor and repor t endpoint status and push patches to PCs, laptops and servers across its network.
03 Dec 2013

Ranhill Powertron ... Power plant availability improved by predicting and preventing equipment failures

Ranhill Powertron in Malaysia improves plant availability by predicting and preventing equipment failures
25 Nov 2013

Project E+ ... A viable smart grid model leads to laying the groundwork for energy efficiency across Europe

Project E+ uses a viable smart grid model to lay the groundwork for energy efficiency across Europe
20 Nov 2013

Regionalgas Euskirchen beats competitors to new business ... Cutting IT operational costs by migrating to the IBM Flex System offering

By consolidating its HP servers onto the highly scalable IBM Flex System platform and upgrading its network infrastructure with IBM technology, German energy provider Regionalgas Euskirchen has cut IT operational costs, helping it offer even better prices to customers and be...
25 Sep 2013

Ranhill Powertron ... Improves plant availability and production with IBM and Chronos software

Malaysian power producer Ranhill Powertron improves plant availability and reduces maintenance costs when it implements the Chronos Plant Operation and Management System with IBM Informix TimeSeries
24 Sep 2013

Israel Electric Corporation moves towards smarter maintenance ... Using sophisticated data models to predict and pre-empt turbine failures at its power plants

Israel Electric Corporation uses predictive maintenance and other technologies to model the behavior of its turbines and monitor their performance in real time. When anomalies are detected, it can quickly trigger maintenance resources to fix problems before outages occur or ...
10 Sep 2013

ANCAP refines its approach to operational analytics

Working with IBM® Business Partner Quanam, ANCAP deployed a suite of IBM Business Analytics solutions to help streamline operations by providing a unified, real-time view of the entire business.
27 Aug 2013