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Porto Alegre: A smarter city that keeps its citizens moving ... Procempa builds a more intelligent city on an IBM System z foundation

As the city of Porto Alegre grew, IT service provider Procempa needed a more flexible platform to handle increased demands from municipal departments. By engaging IBM System z, Procempa was able to integrate information across government departments with increased security,...
20 Dec 2013

Porto Alegre: A smarter city that keeps its citizens moving ... Accelerating essential road maintenance response time by 50 percent with help from IBM and Procempa

Porto Alegre’s IT agency Procempa implemented an asset management solution based on IBM Maximo software running on the System z platform. The solution accelerates maintenance tasks, reducing road closures, and is projected to achieve a 50 percent reduction in response times.
03 Dec 2013

German Pension Fund gains instant access to pension data ... Reducing costs and transforming customer service with a content management solution from IBM

German Pension Fund Baden-Württemberg has cut down on operational costs and accelerated and simplified access to millions of document records by replacing its two paper-based archives with a central electronic archive solution from IBM.
10 Sep 2013

Republic of Turkey Social Security Institution boosts workload capacity ... Republic of Turkey SSI improves service delivery by upgrading to an IBM DB2 10 for z/OS solution

Republic of Turkey SSI upgraded its IBM® DB2® 8 for z/OS® software directly to IBM® DB2® 10 for z/OS® software to minimize upgrade conversion time.
27 Dec 2012

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation keeps construction costs down ... IBM Information Management software helps engineers deliver critical information ahead of schedule

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation uses IBM Information Management software to fine-tune database queries, reducing the CPU resource consumption and improving the performance of a critical construction management system. The client can now provide up-to-date informati...
19 Dec 2012

The City and County of Honolulu creates a customized cloud ... Using IBM System z and reducing licensing costs by up to 68 percent

The City and County of Honolulu worked with IBM to take better advantage of its IT systems and improve government transparency. The city’s goals were to improve citizen access to government data, community involvement, delivery of services and operational efficiency.
07 Sep 2012

Kela invests in improving service delivery for Finland’s citizens ... Capitalizing on new functionality to gain efficiencies and simplify IT management

A fast-growing social services agency can develop new services faster, and deliver more services at lower cost, by gaining more visibility into its processing, optimizing its transaction flow, and improving infrastructure efficiency.
14 Aug 2012

Miami-Dade County builds a highly scalable private cloud analytics platform ... Giving county employees and millions of citizens access to information and analysis via the web

Miami-Dade County deployed IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence in a Linux environment on its existing IBM System z® mainframe platform. Employees and citizens can access reports using a standard web browser.
09 Aug 2012

The ZZZS optimizes performance of key applications ... With superior processing power from the IBM zEnterprise System

To support the digitization of health insurance information, ZZZS implemented an IBM zEnterprise 196 with IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension. Managed using zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager, the new zEnterprise ensemble expands the mainframe's capabilities and provides...
28 Feb 2012

Iowa State University ... Transforming decision-making and service delivery through content management

Iowa State University reduces paper output by 67 percent and saves $40,000 a year by eliminating voucher outsourcing fees with an enterprise content management solution from IBM.
22 Jul 2011