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JN Data ... Simplifying business management and offering new services to major financial institutions in Denmark

Managing huge quantities of financial data in client databases, JN Data introduced standardized ways of working based on the IBM DB2 Administration Tool for z/OS. As a result, JN Data has solved complexity challenges, simplified its management landscape, increased staffing f...
31 Jan 2014

Fiducia guarantees rapid, reliable access to data ... Raising customer satisfaction levels through greater responsiveness

IT service provider Fiducia deployed two IBM System Storage DS8870 devices to cope with increasing customer demands on its core banking system. The IBM solution provides the huge capacity, impressive performance and extremely high availability required to help Fiducia provid...
11 Nov 2013

JN Data gets the early-adopter advantage for its growing business ... Using advanced automation and new functionality in DB2 11 for z/OS to provide outstanding service

JN Data joined the IBM Early Support Program for DB2 11 for z/OS, taking immediate advantage of new technical functionality to increase system administrator productivity and enable greater throughput using existing processor resources.
27 Sep 2013

EVRY ... Enabling financial services clients to meet growing demand for credit and debit card transactions

To maintain its position as a leading provider of managed services to large financial services companies in Norway, EVRY replaced its existing mainframes with three IBM zEnterprise EC12 servers - enabling it to meet ten percent yearly growth in transaction volumes.
19 Sep 2013

kubus IT improves data processing in the healthcare industry

kubus IT consolidated disparate applications on the industry solution for statutory health insurance oscare®, developed by AOK Systems and based on SAP software and IBM infrastructure.
07 Aug 2013

Building innovative employee digital experience on the classic strengths of the mainframe

IBM created a social business platform using IBM Connections and IBM WebSphere Portal software, running on Linux virtual machines across four partitions on two IBM zEnterprise 196 servers, enabling IBM’s global workforce to generate new value from internal information resour...
15 Jul 2013

SIBRA GmbH cuts developer effort by at least 50 percent ... IBM Rational software keeps a vital project within budget and on time

SIBRA uses IBM Rational software to identify in mainframe applications all instances of a serial number and its relationship to other data fields caused by moves and redefinitions.
29 Mar 2013

Sheryl M. Larsen, Inc. ... IBM DB2 tuning tools, expertise help client run 20 percent more queries with 25 percent less CPU load

Using IBM technologies, Sheryl M. Larsen, Inc. (SMLI) helped one company run 20 percent more queries while reducing its CPU load by 25 percent.
25 Mar 2013

Dave Beulke and Associates ... Reduces reporting times by 99 percent with IBM DB2 for z/OS database software

A healthcare organization reduces report run time from 37 hours down to minutes and, in some cases, seconds when it works with Dave Beulke and Associates to implement a new data warehouse on IBM DB2 for z/OS software.
20 Dec 2012

Rock-solid reliability with SAP Banking applications on IBM zEnterprise

Banks around the world rely on IBM zEnterprise servers to process critical business transactions. The reliability and performance provided by the zEnterprise platform translates into a better customer experience for credit card payments, ATM terminals, online banking and oth...
04 Dec 2012