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Petrol dramatically decreases analytics query times ... An IBM appliance accelerates complex queries, delivering point-of-sale suggest-sell insights

An IBM appliance accelerates complex queries, delivering point-of-sale suggest-sell insights for Petrol
18 Jul 2013

For Castorama, predictive analytics is a cinch with IBM

Using IBM® SPSS® Modeler for data mining and IBM SPSS Data Collection to conduct surveys and market research, the company has developed a highly effective direct marketing strategy that is helping to support better business growth.
15 May 2013

Redcats Group extends predictive analytics to all of its 17 brands

Redcats Group wanted to provide its brands with a common, user-friendly predictive analytics tool that would be able to operate in a Big Data environment and help them optimise their marketing strategies.
13 Feb 2013

A crystal clear picture of the customer ... CEWE COLOR increases customer profitability with forecasting analyses

CEWE COLOR AG & Co. OHG needed a deeper insight into customer data and market demand. With its data mining solution — IBM® SPSS® Modeler — the company can compile shopping cart analyses and detailed forecasting models that report on the preferences of customers and their lik...
24 Aug 2012

Redcats Group extends predictive analytics to all its brands

The company created a solution that enabled it to exploit its colossal customer database using IBM SPSS® Modeler software.
25 Jun 2012

Elie Tahari combines fashion savvy with powerful analytics ... Harnessing predictive technologies to match production with customer demand

To enhance decision-making and keep pace with customer demand, Elie Tahari needed faster access to more actionable information – not only about current production and inventory, but also about future demand. Elie Tahari used a suite of business analytics software from IBM t...
03 May 2012

meteolytix generates precise sales forecasts for bakery branches ... Reducing returned goods and saving costs

To reduce returned goods and save costs, a bakery chain was looking for piece-precise sales predictions for each branch based on the day’s weather. With the help of IBM® SPSS® Statistics, meteolytix GmbH developed precise, accurate sales forecast models based on weather data...
31 Oct 2011

Coin-conversion company selects the most profitable machine locations

Combining the data integration and analysis capabilities available in IBM SPSS software with various demographic and geography-based variables, Coinstar GIS Analyst John Chestnut and his market research colleagues were able to identify prospective installation locations with...
26 Apr 2011

Measuring the Impact of Social Media ... United Stationers uses IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics to track success of social media initiatives

The company uses IBM SPSS Statistics to analyze, correlate, and interpret data from these pilot programs, making it possible to leverage results for improved internal communications and enhanced business outcomes.
06 Apr 2011

Neck & Neck - effective marketing campaign management ... Loyalty Club Optimization

The Neck & Neck loyalty club offers a series of advantages like special rebates or personalized catalogs to its affiliates. There was a clear need for knowing the customers in detail and approaching them in the most personalized way possible, while increasing the profitabili...
25 Mar 2011


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