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MedeAnalytics helps a hospital raise collections revenue by 12 percent ... By analyzing big data, hospital forecasts payment behavior, saves 30 percent in collection agency costs

MedeAnalytics wanted to better identify patients who are most likely to pay their hospital bills. The company chose IBM SPSS Modeler software to work with its self-pay analytics solution. By predicting patient payment potential, one hospital raises collections revenue by 12 ...
06 Feb 2014

Centerstone Research Institute embraces artificial intelligence for clinical decision-making ... Finding new ways to reduce the cost of care and improve patient outcomes with Big Data analytics

CRI is building a national data warehouse that helps mental health organizations share information and develop new techniques – for example, using artificial intelligence to support clinical decision-making.
31 May 2013

Centerstone Research Institute ... Predictive modeling used to create customized treatment plans improving patient compliance

Centerstone Research Institute uses predictive modeling used to create customized treatment plans improving patient compliance
18 Mar 2013

Steno Diabetes Center builds on its strong reputation for research ... IBM Business Analytics technologies support ground-breaking scientific publications

IBM® SPSS® Statistics provides data-handling and analysis capabilities that help Steno identify significant factors in the development of diabetes and evaluate the effectiveness of treatments.
21 Jan 2013

Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori (INT)

This Italian medical institute pioneers the use of advanced analytics to analyze insights from clinical data, combined with patient information, to create personalized treatment plans for its patients, helping it treat cancer and other diseases more effectively.
06 Sep 2012

Metro Spinal Clinic supports ground-breaking research ... Using online questionnaires to increase insight into patients’ conditions and boost follow-up rates

Clinical Intelligence, an organisation founded by clinical specialists from Metro Spinal Clinic and IT professionals, developed a new online questionnaire using IBM® SPSS® Data Collection Web Interviews software.
06 Dec 2011

Centerstone Research Institute ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series Video: Smarter clinical decisions help patients and performance

Nashville-based Centerstone is a top behavioral health services company Providing mental health and substance abuse treatment to 70,000 people per year In direct collaboration with the Centerstone Research Institute
01 Dec 2011

Centerstone Research Institute ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series Case Study: Smarter clinical decisions help patients and performance

Driven by a changing business landscape, Centerstone went on the offensive. Resolving to take advantage of the information it captures, Centerstone embedded intelligence into its clinical decisionmaking practices and made it more transparent.
30 Nov 2011

Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen (UZA) - (University Hospital of Antwerp)

A European University hospital is able to develop earlier, quicker and more accurate diagnoses of rare diseases by integrating both medical expertise and data mining tools with the help of an IBM rules engine and statistical analysis tool implemented by IBM Global Business S...
01 Sep 2011

Diagram B. V. places itself at the heart of cardiology research ... IBM SPSS software supports world-leading medical breakthroughs

IBM® SPSS® Statistics provides Diagram with a robust and scalable statistical analysis platform that is flexible enough to be used in a wide range of research projects – helping to develop new medical procedures, reengineer clinical processes, and ultimately promote patient ...
19 Aug 2011


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