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Michigan State University ... Advanced analytics of donors’ engagement, sentiments and behavior enables smarter fundraising

By mining alumni and stakeholder records, social media and other unstructured data-sets with text analytics software, MSU gains insights into the engagement, sentiments and behavior of current and potential donors.
15 Feb 2014

Hamilton County Department of Education ... Helping teachers and counselors focus on at-risk students increases graduation rates

Hamilton County Department of Education is helping teachers and counselors focus on at-risk students increases graduation rates
24 Jul 2013

Hamilton County finds the secret to student success ... Enhancing student attendance, behavior and performance by turning Big Data into insight

HCDE chose to build on its existing IBM® SPSS® Statistics and Modeler solutions by enhancing its reporting capabilities. The department worked with IBM Business Partner DecisionEd Group to integrate the existing environment with IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services...
06 Jun 2013

Marist College makes the enterprise computing grade ... Supporting learning and research with leading IBM technology

To provide students and researchers with the latest in computing Marist upgraded to the IBM zEnterprise 114, configured with the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension. The hybrid platform delivers all the power and flexibility the college needs to support diverse research and ha...
25 Apr 2013

Edith Cowan University ... Australian university uses insight gained from advanced analytics to attract and retain students

This Australian university uses advanced analytics to gain unprecedented insight into its students to attract more students, and change the way it approaches student attrition programs, while anticipating the future staffing and other needs of the University.
17 Dec 2012

Foundation for Young Australians builds a national reputation for quantitative research ... Harnessing advanced analytics to measure the success of youth-related programmes – and highlighting ways to improve them.

FYA built a solution that collects data from online surveys, analyses it using IBM SPSS Statistics software, and generates professional-quality reports. The solution is also capable of integrating FYA’s own data with data-sets from other research organisations, enabling larg...
11 Sep 2012

Edith Cowan University looks into the future ... Planning ahead for student load and boosting student retention through predictive analytics

ECU commenced building a comprehensive data warehouse and deployed a suite of IBM Business Analytics software to support reporting, operational planning, and sophisticated predictive analysis. Support was provided by IBM Business Analytics Software Services and IBM Business ...
31 Jul 2012

Open Universities Australia supports growth through business intelligence

IBM Business Partner Certus Solutions and Open Universities Australia designed and implemented a new analysis and reporting solution based on IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence, IBM Cognos TM1® and IBM SPSS® Modeler to enable better, faster decision-making and to enhance prod...
16 Jul 2012

Bavarian University of Applied Sciences ... Optimising education quality with IBM predictive analytics software

For several years, the university has been using predictive analytics software from IBM to create a huge number of regular online surveys. The software allows the university to quickly and easily create and evaluate thousands of questionnaires every year.
27 Apr 2012

Gwinnett County gains award-winning insight into school performance ... With IBM Predictive Analytics solutions

GCPS deployed IBM® SPSS® Predictive Analytics software to provide insight into student and school performance, normalized to take into account the negative effects of indicators such as the proportion of economically disadvantaged students at a given school.
16 Jan 2012


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