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Businesses Use Analytics to Find Hidden Opportunities at meteolytix

European stores found the hidden connection between weather and sales. IBM analytics helped them increase their profitability by up to 20%.
06 Nov 2012

A crystal clear picture of the customer ... CEWE COLOR increases customer profitability with forecasting analyses

CEWE COLOR AG & Co. OHG needed a deeper insight into customer data and market demand. With its data mining solution — IBM® SPSS® Modeler — the company can compile shopping cart analyses and detailed forecasting models that report on the preferences of customers and their lik...
24 Aug 2012

Amadori launches interactive mini-sites ... With IBM Web Content Management and IBM Business Partner Tecla

With the help of IBM® Business Partner Tecla, Amadori used IBM Web Content Management to create and manage content for four product-based mini-sites. The sites have been integrated with Facebook and YouTube, enabling direct access to Amadori’s YouTube channel and Facebook pa...
28 Oct 2011

PhotoBox integrates predictive technology in its corporate strategy

The challenge for PhotoBox is to use predictive analysis tools to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns as well as management of the investment policy.
06 Jul 2011

Homemade organisational culture at Rudolf Ölz ... IBM SPSS provides detailed insights into employees’ needs

Thanks to IBM® SPSS®, Rudolf Ölz Meisterbäcker GmbH is able to filter its employee surveys by specified variables, create histograms and frequency tables, and perform statistical analyses.
16 Jun 2011

Laboratorios Indas grows pharmacy sales by 37 percent ... Using IBM predictive analytics to analyse customer demand patterns and optimise sales processes

Laboratorios Indas has implemented a business intelligence solution that provides precise intelligence on where and how sales efforts should be focused in order to maximize profitability.
06 Jun 2011

Neck & Neck - effective marketing campaign management ... Loyalty Club Optimization

The Neck & Neck loyalty club offers a series of advantages like special rebates or personalized catalogs to its affiliates. There was a clear need for knowing the customers in detail and approaching them in the most personalized way possible, while increasing the profitabili...
25 Mar 2011

Medister for Dinner Again? ... FDB gains new insight into Danish eating habits with IBM® SPSS® Text Analytics for Surveys

FDB needed a way to parse and categorize huge volumes of unstructured data from its ongoing survey of Danish food consumption patterns, which already includes information on 300,000 meals from a representative sample of the population.
29 Jul 2010

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