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Celcom Axiata Bhd. ... Advanced analytics and business intelligence used to target customers and improve campaign results

Celcom Axiata Bhd. uses advanced analytics and business intelligence to target customers and improve campaign results
04 Dec 2013

Mobitel Client Reference Video ... An Interview with CEO, Klavdij Godnic; CTO Mitja Stular; and IT Director, Bostjan Robeznik

Mobitel developed its own innovative mobile solutions in accordance with the needs of the Slovenian market and users’ demands.
27 Mar 2010

Telenor pioneers a new way to bring the benefits of RFID to small and mid-sized companies.

Telenor teamed with IBM to create the first-ever hosted M2M offering. By creating a flexible, low-cost shared services platform, Telenor has drastically expanded the number of companies that can make a strong business case for offering M2M.
09 Apr 2008

Bharti Airtel grows at a stunning pace by keeping its focus on the customer

Bharti Airtel's new platform provides a standardized framework for it to integrate its channels and customer-facing processes–enabling a more seamless customer experience, higher customer satisfaction and more profitable growth.
11 Mar 2008