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Indeval ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series Case Study: Optimized trade settlement practices transform the Mexican financial marketplace into a global leader

BMV Group operates Mexico’s only stock market. Indeval is Mexico’s central security depository, with responsibility for the timely and reliable settlement of securities trades. Jaime Villaseñor, its Chief Risk Officer, drove an effort to enable near real-time settlement by l...
18 Jun 2013

Santiago Stock Exchange: Smart and speedy trade processing capabilities attract liquidity to where it’s needed ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series

The Santiago Stock Exchange needed to adopt the rigorous transaction processing capabilities needed to handle the growing volume of high-frequency & algorithmic trading activity. So it built a trade processing solution that increased its capacity tenfold, cut latency to micr...
23 Oct 2012

Santiago Stock Exchange: Smarter Planet Leadership Series Video ... Smart is: stability that moves at the speed of the market

Time is money in the stock exchange, definitely. So reliability is a key aspect, leading Santiago Stock Exchange to build in conjunction with IBM a new infrastructure including hardware, software and services.
09 May 2012

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