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Mobile County Public Schools ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series: Analytical insights help keep students on track

Mobile County doesn’t have the kind of school system that sticks its head in the sand. That’s why, in the face of tight budgets, Mobile County opted to build a comprehensive, real-time performance tracking system in a bid to improve performance and keep more students on trac...
30 Nov 2011

Hamilton County Department of Education ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series: Deeper student insights leave a deep impact

For Hamilton County, the essence of educational intelligence is insight through granularity. By leveraging analytics and advanced modeling tools, the county’s teachers, counselors and administrators have a better understanding of how adverse patterns develop and can now step...
27 Sep 2011

Hamilton County Department of Education ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series - Video

Hamilton County Department of Education: SMART IS… raising school graduation rates with data modeling. Interviewee: Kirk Kelly, Director of Accountability and Testing
27 Sep 2011

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