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Panalpina cuts costs for its customers by up to 20 percent ... Supporting supply chain optimization with a modern modeling solution

Panalpina installed IBM® ILOG® LogicNet Plus® XE, enabling analysts to simulate “what-if” scenarios, and create and visualize models of supply chains, taking into account factors such as special handling requirements for the goods being distributed, transport and logistics c...
17 Sep 2013

Panalpina senkt Gesamtkosten für seine Kunden um bis zu 20 Prozent ... Moderne Simulationslösung unterstützt die Lieferkettenoptimierung

Dank der Installation von IBM® ILOG® LogicNet Plus® XE ist Panalpina in der Lage, vielfältige Simulationen und Was-wäre-wenn-Szenarien zu entwerfen, zu visualisieren und Modelle für Liefernetzwerke unter Beachtung von Produktmerkmalen, Transport- und Logistikkosten.
17 Sep 2013

Wiener Tafel ... Using analytics to match supply and distribution of donations with demands of organizations helps reduce fuel use and planning time

Using analytics to match supply and distribution of donations with demands of organizations helps reduce fuel use and planning time
25 Mar 2013

VAG Nürnberg macht mit Wunschdienstplänen Fahrer glücklich

Mithilfe von IBM® ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio lassen sich in kurzer Zeit kostenoptimierte Dienstpläne mit weitgehender Erfüllung der individuellen Wünsche vieler Hundert Mitarbeiter erstellen, die gleichzeitig alle anderen Bedingungen einhalten und die Kosten minimieren...
13 Mar 2013

VAG Nuremburg keeps drivers happy with better roster planning

By using the IBM® ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio, VAG can create cost-effective scheduling while largely taking into account the individual preferences of hundreds of employees. The solution enables compliance with many other regulations, and minimizes operational costs.
04 Mar 2013

Odyssey Transportation & Logistics Corporation client reference video

Odyssey Transportation & Logistics Corporation uses IBM WebSphere software to optimize its processes to better meet its customers' needs.
22 May 2012

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation increases agility ... Global company uses IBM WebSphere software to optimize processes and meet customer needs

OL&T creates its next-generation logistics management platform using IBM BPM, IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules, IBM WebSphere Partner Gateway and IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio software.
26 Apr 2012

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