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BMW Financial Services ... Greater automation and transparency with a global planning solution for new financial services business

IBM® Cognos® TM1® enables the company to transparently and continuously plan the profitability and financial needs of its new business globally, report in real-time and simulate alternative scenarios.
21 Feb 2014

CMBC captures greater banking market share with IBM and SAP

CMBC overhauled its core banking operations, deploying the SAP for Banking suite of solutions in one of the largest implementations of its kind in the banking industry. Delivered through a SOA approach for greater flexibility, the SAP solutions run on robust IBM Power 780 se...
03 Dec 2013

Nationwide Building Society IBM Client Reference Video

Nationwide Building Society made history when they embarked on a complete transformation of the core banking infrastructure. Working closely with IBM Global Business Services, Nationwide concluded a five-year core banking transformation program with the first UK implementati...
18 Sep 2013

Banco Galicia plans its global future, with help from SAP and IBM

The bank worked to transform its business processes by introducing SAP for Banking solutions, running on an IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12) mainframe server, with storage provided by IBM System Storage DS8800 devices.
22 May 2013

Nationwide transforms its core banking, service and business capabilities

Nationwide embarked on a five year core banking transformation program, with the first UK implementation of SAP Transactional Banking applications from the SAP for Banking suite of solutions.
17 Apr 2013

Home Trust harnesses analytics to optimize marketing activities

Home Trust’s marketing team used IBM Cognos® TM1® to perform “what if” analyses of different scenarios for its loyalty programs, enabling them to redirect resources to an incentive program that better met the company's business objectives
28 Mar 2013

Rock-solid reliability with SAP Banking applications on IBM zEnterprise

Banks around the world rely on IBM zEnterprise servers to process critical business transactions. The reliability and performance provided by the zEnterprise platform translates into a better customer experience for credit card payments, ATM terminals, online banking and oth...
04 Dec 2012

Sabah Credit Corporation satisfies investors

SCC chose to replace its legacy systems and deploy integrated SAP ERP applications, supported by IBM DB2® database software running on the IBM BladeCenter® platform.
27 Sep 2012

IKB saves costs by migrating SAP databases ... Row and index compression reduces storage requirements and boosts performance

Working with IBM®, IKB Deutsche Industriebank chose to migrate its SAP databases from Oracle to IBM DB2® for Linux, UNIX and Windows. After a successful proof of concept with the bank’s advanced SAP Bank Analyzer environment, all SAP systems at IKB Deutsche Industriebank wer...
09 Apr 2012

IKB senkt Kosten durch Migration ihrer SAP Datenbanken ... Zeilen- und Indexkomprimierung reduzieren den Speicherbedarf und verbessern die Leistung

Die IKB Deutsche Industriebank beauftragte IBM® mit der Migration ihrer SAP Datenbanken von Oracle zu IBM DB2® für Linux, UNIX und Windows. Nach einer erfolgreichen Machbarkeitsstudie mithilfe der hochentwickelten SAP Bank Analyzer Umgebung der Bank wurden alle SAP Systeme e...
09 Apr 2012