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University of Arizona- Customer Reference Video ... Innovative pharmacy program saves customers $65 million with zEnterprise infrastructure

Working with IBM an innovative pharmacy program saves customers $65 million with zEnterprise infrastructure
19 Feb 2014

University of Palermo is top of the class on education quality ... Deploying a powerful hybrid solution from IBM

University of Palermo worked with IBM Business Partner Ricca S.r.l. to deploy an IBM zEnterprise 114 server to streamline processes. The hybrid IBM solution has boosted the speed and quality of online services, and cut energy costs by 30 percent.
18 Jun 2013

Marist College makes the enterprise computing grade ... Supporting learning and research with leading IBM technology

To provide students and researchers with the latest in computing Marist upgraded to the IBM zEnterprise 114, configured with the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension. The hybrid platform delivers all the power and flexibility the college needs to support diverse research and ha...
25 Apr 2013

Marist College gets the most out of its cloud environment ... Efficiently providing advanced business analytics capabilities for education and research

Marist College needed a cost-effective way to provide analytics capabilities for education and research. Working with IBM, the college implemented an IBM SmartCloud solution that used its existing cloud infrastructure to deliver business analytics while reducing administrati...
31 Oct 2012

University of Florida ... Helping students stay on track with a mobile app based on IBM CICS Transaction Server

University of Florida develops a mobile web application with access to the Integrated Student Information System based on IBM® CICS® Transaction Server running on an IBM System zEnterprise® 114 server, resulting in significant system performance improvements.
24 Oct 2012

University of Arkansas creates new learning with SAP and IBM

The University of Arkansas, supported by local businesses and by SAP and IBM, has implemented a complete SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse application landscape on an IBM System z900 server running Linux.
07 Aug 2009