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Santiago Stock Exchange ... Equities trading reinvented, giving customers direct access to multiple markets and ultra-fast trading

Equities trading reinvented, giving customers direct access to multiple markets and ultra-fast trading
25 Nov 2013

Options IT adds speed and resiliency to its financial cloud services ... Delivering ultra-low latency and exceptional performance with IBM System x servers

Options IT, a major IT services provider for the global financial services sector, deployed IBM System x 3750 M4 servers to deliver ultra-low latency and proven reliability for its financial cloud services - enabling clients to capitalize on new opportunities with near-insta...
19 Sep 2013

Redline delivers reliable ultra-low latency for financial markets firms ... With powerful and efficient IBM System x servers

With Redline software on compact IBM System x3750 M4 servers with up to four 8-core Intel Xeon E5-4600 series processors, financial markets firms can achieve ultra-low latency and predictable throughput, enabling them to seize opportunities ahead of competitors.
23 Jul 2013

Major Wall Street firm shrinks IT costs ... Increasing flexibility while cutting tens of millions in annual costs with IBM Technical Computing

A major Wall Street bank deployed a compute and data grid based on IBM Platform Symphony and 6,000 nodes of IBM System x iDataPlex. The solution matches the previous grid’s performance with just one quarter the hardware, saving tens of millions of dollars annually in CAPEX a...
11 Feb 2013

VALECARD - IBM Client Reference Video

VALECARD sought a solution for disaster recovery, cloud computing and improved performance. After implementing IBM PureFlex System Enterprise technology, the company cut operational costs by up to 30 percent, delivered products on the cloud and enhanced overall performance.
10 Feb 2013

VALECARD ... Reduces costs and improves reliability with IBM PureFlex System and KVM technology

VALECARD needed a robust IT infrastructure to support the rapid expansion of its business. With IBM PureFlex System and KVM technology, VALECARD optimized its data-center space, cut operating costs by 30 percent and improved reliability - minimizing business interruptions to...
30 Jan 2013

Suffolk Life reengineers its IT to cut costs and promote growth ... Teaming with IBM to virtualize its data center and help secure a competitive advantage

Suffolk Life was running out of available floor space as well as power and cooling capacity in its data center, limiting growth potential. The business teamed with IBM Global Technology Services - Integrated Technology Services to reengineer and virtualize its server environ...
05 Dec 2012

Open Futures stays one step ahead of market competitors ... Using IBM System x and BladeCenter to power its algorithmic trading platform

Open Futures refreshed its IBM System x® infrastructure, adding 14 IBM System x3550 M3 and six x3650 M3 servers, each with two six-core Intel® Xeon® processors, plus eight IBM BladeCenter® HS22 servers.
09 Feb 2012