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Waterbury Public Schools ... Keeping track of student performance to foster greater success

Waterbury Public Schools embarked on an analytics journey enabled by IBM Cognos software, gaining unprecedented insight into student performance and making the data available to key decision-makers.
07 Feb 2014

California State University in San Bernardino goes virtual—and saves big ... Delivering results with flexible, high-performance IBM System x, IBM BladeCenter and IBM XIV

California State University, San Bernardino, revamped its IT infrastructure by deploying IBM System x3850 X5 and IBM BladeCenter HS23 and HS22 servers, as well as IBM XIV and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for refreshed storage - saving more than USD1 million with server virtual...
20 Jan 2014

Durham University plays a starring role in computational cosmology ... Building a powerful and efficient cluster for big data research projects with IBM System x iDataPlex

Durham University’s Institute of Computational Cosmology used IBM iDataPlex technologies to build COSMA5, a new high-performance computing (HPC) cluster for data-intensive research projects in cosmology and astronomy. COSMA5 also plays a crucial role in the UK’s DiRAC-2 HPC ...
15 May 2013

UNIMINUTO makes its educational dreams come true with an agile, integrated IBM and SAP solution

UNMINUTO sought to move towards a more modern computing infrastructure, and chose to introduce integrated SAP ERP solutions. As part of the program to enable the growth and development of new teaching programs and facilitate financial operations, UNIMINUTO migrated the data ...
08 May 2013

CADMOS accelerates supercomputing storage with IBM ... Deploying an innovative IBM System x storage solution with enormous bandwidth

CADMOS deployed an innovative IBM GPFS Native RAID solution based on the IBM System x GPFS Storage Server to provide efficient, reliable, high-bandwidth scratch storage for its Blue Gene/Q supercomputer. The solution can re-build disks 20 times faster than a conventional RAI...
04 Apr 2013

The University of Washington gains advantage ... With a high-performance, flexible, scalable IBM server and storage solution

The University of Washington deploys a high-performance computing solution using IBM BladeCenter HS22 and HS23 servers, IBM System x 3650 class servers, IBM System Storage DS5300 and IBM General Parallel File System to enable advanced research and aid in faculty recruitment.
20 Feb 2013

University of Groningen breaks new ground in scientific research ... With high-performance technology from IBM

The University of Groningen partnered with IBM® Global Technology Services® to build the Target platform: a state-of-the-art infrastructure for processing and storing vast amounts of data. The solution leverages IBM RackSwitch™ technology for optimal network performance.
18 Dec 2012

Universidad de Cantabria supports the European scientific community ... With a supercomputing solution from IBM

Implemented a supercomputing solution based on IBM® System x® servers featuring Intel® Xeon® processors, IBM System Storage® devices and IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS™) software.
14 Dec 2012

Marist College gets the most out of its cloud environment ... Efficiently providing advanced business analytics capabilities for education and research

Marist College needed a cost-effective way to provide analytics capabilities for education and research. Working with IBM, the college implemented an IBM SmartCloud solution that used its existing cloud infrastructure to deliver business analytics while reducing administrati...
31 Oct 2012

The University of Groningen ... Pushes the boundaries of scientific research with a high performance computing solution from IBM

The University of Groningen partnered with IBM Global Technology Services to implement a state-of-the-art data processing and storage infrastructure for its Target project. The highly flexible environment delivers extremely high throughput levels and excellent resource utili...
10 Oct 2012