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Oldmac accelerates performance and recovery time ... Creating a virtualized platform designed for maximum efficiency and resilience

Oldmac reduced IT costs, improved system performance and enhanced its business resilience by consolidating and virtualizing six physical servers to two IBM System x3650 M4 servers. The solution eliminated AU$ 2,900 in monthly support fees and saves significant time and effor...
30 May 2013

Beckmann Technologies - IBM Client Reference Video

Beckmann Technologies and BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions creates innovative remote diagnostic tools helping to repair sophisticated automobile components with powerful IBM System x technology.
16 Feb 2012

Hindustan Motors Limited increases performance by 75 percent with IBM and SAP

Working with IBM, Hindustan Motors refreshed its legacy HP infrastructure with IBM Power Systems and IBM System x servers to support the latest version of SAP ERP.
15 Feb 2012

Beckmann Technologies creates innovative remote diagnostic tools ... Helping repair sophisticated automobile components with powerful IBM System x technology

Consolidated from more than 25 Dell servers to a single IBM System x® 3630 M3 server with two six-core Intel® Xeon® 5670 processors, 48 GB of RAM and 28 TB of disk.
14 Feb 2012

Controlar S.A. ... Connects vehicle owners with emissions data and the government over the Web

A vehicle emissions testing organization in Sao Paulo, Brazil, reduces pollution by building a dynamic, scalable infrastructure to connect vehicle owners with the government when it implements a new IT infrastructure based on IBM System x, IBM Power, IBM System Storage, IBM ...
23 Aug 2010

Yulon Motor Company, Ltd. ... Taiwanese manufacturer enhances its customers’ driving experience

A leading Taiwanese automobile manufacturer sets itself apart from the competition when it works closely with IBM Software Services for Lotus to develop a next-generation, online travel service platform supported by IBM System x, IBM WebSphere and Linux technologies
16 Jun 2010

Röchling Automotive uses funding from IBM Global Financing to enable R&D transformation

Röchling Automotive is standardising its R&D processes, consolidating all project management and documentation into a single SAP cProjects system. Rather than divert cash from production operations to fund this important project, the company looked for other sources of fundi...
02 Jun 2010

Fiat Automotive Finance accelerates growth with IBM and SAP

To meet the twin challenges of growth and lean administration costs, all Fiat Automotive Finance's infrastructure management services – which include SAP BASIS support, server, operating system, network and database – are fully outsourced to Application Management Services f...
18 May 2010

Gruppo FIAT: Massive consolidation, minimal impact

IBM provided expertise, project management and best practices to help FIAT accomplish one of the largest IT migrations ever undertaken in Europe. Over the course of 18 months, more than 90 percent of FIAT’s IT infrastructure was consolidated into three state-of-the-art, IBM-...
20 Feb 2009

Automobile importer IM Group provides its highly skilled staff with an ultramodern workspace featuring sensor and actuator technologies from IBM and IBM Business Partners Cisco and AeroScout.

IBM teamed with IBM Business Partners Cisco and AeroScout to implement an IBM Location Awareness and Safety (LAS) solution. The system is based on Cisco hardware and AeroScout hardware and software, underpinned with IBM WebSphere® and IBM System x™ platforms.
01 May 2008