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METRO Systems GmbH ... eCouponing system provides segmentation and delivers location-based customer smartphone coupons

eCouponing system provides segmentation and delivers location-based customer smartphone coupons for METRO Systems
05 Dec 2013

Al Mansour Holding Company fine-tunes supply chain performance ... Analyzing current and predicted sales data to optimize operations, boost profits and cut waste

Al Mansour Holding Company gains deep insight into supply chain operations, and boosts performance and uptime by deploying SAP ERP applications on IBM Power 740 Express servers, running IBM i and IBM PowerVM virtualization.
25 Sep 2013

Al Mansour Holding Company optimizes supply chain with highly available SAP solutions on IBM i

To protect the centralized systems and data, the company chose a high-availability configuration based on IBM® Power Systems™, running the IBM i operating system with integrated IBM DB2®, IBM PowerVM® and IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for i, in combination with the IBM XIV® Sto...
24 Sep 2013

Silhouette sets its sights on global growth through fast operational insight ... Providing rapid, round-the-clock access to vital enterprise information with a powerful IBM solution

Silhouette deployed two IBM® Power® 740 servers running IBM i with the integrated IBM DB2® database, creating a high-availability configuration that maximizes uptime for vital enterprise systems.
05 Sep 2013

Lion accelerates disclosure management and reduces risk ... Kick-starting a major finance transformation program by delivering rapid results

Lion achieved a quick win for financial reporting by streamlining the “last mile” – the process of drafting, reviewing and publishing the reports themselves – with IBM® Cognos® Disclosure Management.
26 Aug 2013

Amrit Feeds solves complex sales order forecasting with SAP ERP and IBM Global Business Services

Amrit Feeds chose to remodel its business processes, based on integrated SAP ERP software with assistance from IBM Global Business Services.
17 Apr 2013

Market6 Client Reference Video

Brian Stankovic, vice president of business development for Market6 discusses PureData System for Analytics.
08 Jan 2013

Businesses Use Analytics to Find Hidden Opportunities at meteolytix

European stores found the hidden connection between weather and sales. IBM analytics helped them increase their profitability by up to 20%.
06 Nov 2012

VAASAN Group rises to the challenge of fluctuating demand ... Optimising production planning with IBM and Invenco

VAASAN engaged IBM Business Partner Invenco Oy to develop a demand planning solution based on its existing IBM® Cognos® Planning software – enabling the identification of trends in customer demand through a rolling forecast.
01 Oct 2012

Consorzio Parmigiano-Reggiano

This consortium of Italian cheese makers has stepped up the preservation of its brand by implementing an advanced analytics solution that flags any anomalies that may indicate fraudulent production practices, while gaining the ability to forecast and plan future cheese outpu...
06 Sep 2012


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