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Simplifying business management and offering new services to major financial institutions in Denmark

Published on 31-Jan-2014

"In practical terms, we need to implement a change to up to 140 Test setups without having to handle them individually. This can now be completed using IBM DB2 Administration Tool for z/OS as a single task in our infrastructure which submits to all the targets." - Svenn-Aage Sønderskov, DB2 Tool Implementation Leader, JN Data

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JN Data provides essential back-office data processing services for major financial institutions in Denmark. Originally an in-house service department, JN Data aims to be the consolidated operations center for a significant part of the Danish financial services industry.

Business need:
With five client infrastructures and three different change products for its DB2 for z/OS databases, JN Data faced complexity challenges, driving the need for consolidation and simplification.

Chose IBM® DB2® Administration Tool and Object Comparison Tool for z/OS as its standard DB2 change-management products, ensuring business continuity, increasing resource flexibility and cutting costs.

Technical staff can support multiple clients, while boosting productivity through automation. JNData also enjoys timely support for DB2 for z/OS and greater responsiveness to new product requirements.

Case Study

JN Data provides essential back-office data processing services for major financial institutions in Denmark. Originally an in-house service department, JN Data aims to be the consolidated operations center for a significant part of the Danish financial services industry.

The company manages some 3 PB of data, accessed by around 40,000 terminal users, processed by IBM System z servers with a total of capacity of about 40,000 MIPS. All of JN Data’s financial clients rely on IBM DB2 databases.

The complexity challenge
When an enterprise grows by merger and acquisition, it inevitably introduces different processes and systems. JN Data wanted to ensure that increased complexity could be managed easily, and that the company could move to new versions of DB2 for z/OS based on customers’ needs and schedule. It was also important for the company to be able to work actively with the vendor development lab to meet customers’ functional business needs.

Prior to becoming part of JN Data, each customer team was using its own database administration tools, either from a third-party vendor or built in-house. The result was that JN Data was using three different database administration toolsets. Running three separate vendor tools was costly to manage in terms of licenses, support and training, and meant that it was not easy to reassign administrators to a different client area, since they did not always have the necessary skills or experience.

The situation impacted JN Data’s ability to respond to client requests, and limited administrators’ own work horizons.

Consolidate to simplify
JN Data looked to reduce the number of database administration solutions and standardize on a single platform that could be used for all its clients. This would allow database administrators to move from one client to another, increasing the company’s ability to respond flexibly to change. Additionally, JN Data saw opportunities to reduce license fees and operational costs, and introduce shared business processes to increase productivity throughout the business.

Working closely with the IBM client team and product development lab, JN Data selected IBM DB2 Administration and Object Comparison Tool for z/OS to handle the day-to-day tasks that are associated with managing a DB2 database. The tool simplifies the complex tasks associated with safely managing DB2 objects and schemas throughout the application lifecycle with the least possible impact to availability. It builds and executes dynamic SQL statements, manages and tracks changes made to DB2 object definitions by resolving any potential conflicts prior to execution, and helps building DB2 scripts and commands to execute against databases and tables.

Svenn-Aage Sønderskov, DB2 Tool Implementation Leader, comments, “In this market, we believed that the IBM DB2 Administration Tool for z/OS offered the most comprehensive functionality, including the ability to run as a batch with changes propagated to multiple targets. Furthermore, there are benefits to simply having fewer ways of going to production, such as shared processes and reduced error rates, and the IBM administration tool provides a common language for all our developers to complete their business-critical tasks.”

IBM DB2 Administration and Object Comparison Tool for z/OS provides a comprehensive range of services for JN Data. For IBM DB2 administration, JN Data is able to handle change management, job scheduling and utility execution from a single point of control, alongside backup and recovery services, monitoring, and developer support.

Sønderskov comments, “Replacing tools is often not popular, but by doing so, we use the skills on a wider range of customers by making the tool-setup more homogeneous.”

Increased automation and flexibility
By switching to IBM DB2 Administration and Object Comparison Tool for z/OS as the strategic platform for database management, JN Data is starting to see the operational and business benefits flow through. These include the financial benefits of consolidating to a single vendor from three previously.

The company has simplified and strengthened its navigation of the DB2 catalog and ability to handle change-management tasks across its client accounts. The DB2 Administration Tool for z/OS and the Object Comparison Tool together provide a highly automated change-management engine, supporting the latest versions and ongoing maintenance of IBM DB2

Having a single solution enables database administrators to move from one client area to another more easily, increasing business flexibility and offering wider experience to the technical staff. In addition, the close ongoing relationship with IBM ensures that JN Data can communicate its product requirements and ensure that they are being evaluated.

Karsten Nielsen, IT Database Manager, comments, “The IBM administration tool provides an environment that is as automated as these things can be. We have consolidated our administration services into a single resource, so we can roll out solutions developed for one area right across all our clients, which helps reduce our costs of development and provides a better service.”

Sønderskov concludes, “In practical terms, a job that required 140 Test setup tasks for every production instance can now be completed using IBM DB2 Administration and Object Comparison Tool for z/OS as a single task that submits to all the targets. Combined with the timely support of new IBM DB2 features, the IBM administration tool is the correct choice for JN Data.”

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DB2 Object Comparison Tool for z/OS, DB2 Administration Tool for z/OS

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z/OS and OS/390

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