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Published on 15-Mar-2013

"PureData System powered by Netezza technology is going to expand our growth of analytics. At the moment we have a handful of probably 100 to 200 users that are available to query and run concurrent queries on our Netezza platform. But with the PureData System and the upgrades there, we can really expand our base to allow 1,000 end users (physicians and providers) to query at any time." - Jeremy Fortune, Data warehouse architect, Fletcher Allen Health Care

Fletcher Allen Healthcare


Deployment country:
United States

PureData System for Analytics (powered by Netezza technology), Big Data, Data Warehouse


Fletcher Allen, a healthcare organization in the United States, improved data-processing speeds, reduced administrative effort and can now monitor patient data in near-real time when it implements an IBM PureData System for Analytics platform to support data growth and analytics for increased efficiency.

Business need:
Fletcher Allen Health Care understood that in order to tame data growth and remain competitive in the healthcare industry, it needed a massive parallel-processing environment to support analytics for increased efficiency. In addition, the organization wanted the ability to process large data sets in multiple ways to predict sickness and patient growth as well as provide potential diagnoses. This could help Fletcher Allen Health Care improve its practice and operations within its hospitals.

Fletcher Allen Health Care implemented an IBM PureData System for Analytics platform to run advanced analytical queries without the worry of system overload, help the client better manage the volume and complexity of data. The most common type of data currently housed is patient billing data, coupled with a recent increase in electronic micro-read information, which helps the client correlate to provide better diagnoses.

The client is able to expand data-analytics processes and has up to 200 users running queries at the same time. Moreover, the client has the ability to expand its capabilities to 1,000 users running queries concurrently.

With an IBM PureData System for Analytics platform, Fletcher Allen has improved data-processing speeds, which enhance efficiency. The client also reduced administrative effort, enabling it to focus more on data structure and monitor patient data in near-real time. In addition, the PureData System for Analytics platform provides the necessary capabilities to move into the trend of big data through unique data interpretations and analysis that were not previously possible.


To better handle exponential growth in patient data, the healthcare organization Fletcher Allen turned to PureData System for Analytics. This allowed them to put refined analytic information in the hands of more medical practitioners to improve the quality of care.

Video Transcript

Jeremy Fortune – Data Warehouse Architect – Fletcher Allen

As a healthcare organization, we need to be able to process a lot in terms of statistical expectation - where are people going to be coming from, how can we predict our population’s sickness and growth.

We have a lot of initiatives around our hospital to make certain that data is automatically captured and that any of our sensors and hand-held devices automatically submit information to our electronic medical record, and we're slowly working towards the ability to have a patient be scanned as they enter an area so that our admission discharge records are immediate.

The challenges that we have are based around making certain that analytics work for us rather than us constantly having to manage every bit of data that comes in. We’re trying to make certain that every hour spent both on the very back-end and those who are consuming the data is done most effectively. In order to really solve current healthcare problems and be efficient, you need a massively parallel processing environment.

The PureData System really has the ability to capture near real time data all the time for us to be able to analyze as a patient still in the office, what can we do to further benefit them.

With the Netezza system, we're ready to accept massive inputs of electronic medical data and continuing to interpret and analyze, and I don't think that we're afraid of the coming massive amount of big data. With the Puredata System and really the upgrades available there, I think that what we can do is really expand our base and allow thousands of our end users and really physicians and providers alike to query at any time, and never really have to worry about the performance.

We can continue to hit the PureData box and the Netezza platform and to be honest, I have yet to be able to see it suffer and you know I attempt it many times to hit with you know very hard queries from hundreds of users all at once and it still continues to perform and out perform my expectations.

I think not just the accountable care organization but really the technology behind preparing for that ACO (accountable care organization) is going to allow us to move into the future.

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